Parents have to tell their kids “no” all the time and when a Twitter user and mom named Serafina said her 10-year-old couldn’t get fake nails, her daughter got creative. She heeded her mother’s instructions and instead made her own nails—and her press-on nail hack has gone viral.

In a recent tweet, Serafina posted a picture of her daughter’s clay nails, and we just did a double take. This girl’s mani looks legit, nailing the color and even that trendy shape!

Twitter users stumbling across Serafina’s tweet were all sorts of baffled, and you know when you’re wowing the Twittersphere, you’re on to something.

Mom Serafina is finding herself on the end of some awesome words of encouragement for letting her daughter get creative. She’s proof-positive that saying “no” can be a good thing!

Probably the best thing about this hack is that it didn’t cost a dime. The 10-year-old used her own craft supplie  and she’s also not ruining her nails in the process. #nailgoals!

––Karly Wood

Feature Photo: Sarah Pflug via Burst



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