You’re in the final stretch of winter and can almost see Spring at the finish line. End your season strong with these ideas that go beyond your normal play routine. From crafting your own robots and writing stories to great ways to spend 10 minutes or less, here are 115 indoor games and activities to keep your kids busy until you can officially kick Old Man Winter to the curb.

1. From balloon sports to indoor hopscotch, we’re obsessed with these indoor activities that will get your kids moving. Check them out here.


2. Make music with your phone! Here are the best music-making apps for kids.

3. Create a stained-glass art window.

4. Learn about snowflakes in a whole new way with snowflake experiments. Bonus: you don’t need actual snow to pull them off.

5. Make a time capsule.

6. Intro. your kids to yoga with this beginner series. 

Bring your bare feet, your yoga mat, and your family to this special family event. YogaKids classes use music, books, stories, a short craft, and yoga to connect the entire family. Learning is more fun when you can wiggle, giggle, and breathe! No prior yoga experience needed. Bring a yoga mat if you have one!

7. Forget the paint brush. Use a comb instead to create your next masterpiece!

8. Download a new kids’ album and host a dance party.

9. Need even more music? We asked our editors for their favorite dance tunes. Listen to the playlist here.

10. You don’t need a ton of supplies to keep your kids entertained. Check out our ideas for fun kid games with three supplies or less.

11. Get your kids excited about learning words with these awesome dictionary games.

12. Create a rad rhino mask.

orion rhino craftphoto: Erin Feher

13. Sharpen those memory skills by playing a brain-boosting learning game.

14. Sometimes you need indoor fun that lasts more than an hour. For fabulous long-term play projects click here.

15. Is your kid still learning how to tell time? We have five games that’ll help them get there.

16. Channel Ariel and make your own mermaid tail.

17. If they’re more into Ursula, try out one of these fun octopus crafts.

18. Whether you have only five minutes or a full 30, here are 18 activities to make the most of your time.

19. Show your kids how epic dragons really are with easy dragon crafts that’ll keep ‘em entertained all day long.


20. Intro. your kids to Scrabble with our version of the game that features two-letter words.

21. Send a hug to a family member or loved one far away with a DIY hug card.

22. Bend water with a comb.

23. Only have 10 minutes to spare? We’ve got 15 play ideas that’ll do the trick.

24. Transform all your old and broken crayons into a stunning work of art.

25. Teach your kids how germs really work with a science experiment high on the fun (and gross) factor.

26. If you’re feeling less than energetic, try a low-key activity. We have 13 ideas to get you started.

wahi-tape-doimnoes-a-crafty-livingphoto: A Crafty Living

27. Whip up a batch of glow-in-the-dark ice cubes.

28. Make your own harmonica with only four supplies.

29. If you’re feeling less than energetic, try a low-key activity. We have 13 ideas to get you started.

30. Need a few free minutes to yourself? Set your kids up with one of these streaming shows that are kid- and parent-approved.

31. Try your hand at creating a confetti balloon ball.

32. Use old toilet paper rolls to make binoculars.

33. All you need is 30-minutes to make your own dolphin.

photo: Christal Yuen

34. Fashion jewelry out of food.


35. Teach your kids a little more about yourself. Here are 10 questions they can ask you today.

36. Put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) with three simple ideas to turn your kids into author for the day.

37. Make poop (yep, you read that right).

38. Carving out quality family time doesn’t have to be challenging. Simply look to our guide for some easy ideas.

39. Make an easy color wheel.

crayons-1445054_1920photo: Pixabay

40. Download a cool crop of new apps geared towards kids who love to invent.

41. Learn about the importance of spit with this great experiment.

42. Never lose your place in your book again thanks to this DIY bowtie bookmark project.

43. Map out your next trip by scoping out the coolest music venues for families.

44. Let snowmen inspire snacktime. Take a peek at our favorite snowmen-inspired treats.

45. Use up those leftover gingerbread house gumdrops with a science experiment or two.

46. You can never have too many books about construction. Book it to the library to check out one of our favorite books they’ll really dig.

kid-reading-ccflickr-eugenekimphoto: eekim via  Flickr

47. Did you know that Ziploc finger painting requires only two supplies? Get the scoop here.

48. Paint with popsicles.

49. If you have grandparents nearby, you’ll want to play one of these games with them.

50. Go beyond Monopoly with new family games.

51. Transform your toilet paper rolls. Here’s how!

52. Got extra straws? Try making a straw rocket ship.

53. Turn old cereal boxes into a cityscape.

Cereal Cityphoto: Dinner: A Love Story

54. Don’t throw out those popped balloons. We have the perfect craft to use those rubber pieces up.

55. Use natural products (think: leaves and sticks) you find outside as paint brushes.

56. Think small and make tiny furniture for your tiny friends.

57. Keeping your kids entertained after school is oh-so-easy with ideas that range from yoga to creating an indoor train track.

58. Did you know your old egg cartons can be upcycled into a colorful mask?

59. Whip up a batch of pixie dust.

60. Science meets imaginary play with this ice LEGO activity (pictured below).

Ice LEGOphoto: Dayna Abraham via Lemon Lime Adventures

61. Write your own comic book.

62. Prep for spring and all the birds by making an egg carton bird feeder.

63. For easy sensory play, explore the temperature and texture of ice.

64. Skip that ship in a bottle. Try out a cork boat instead.

65. Shake up free time with a new subscription box.

66. If saying the word “poop” is a surefire giggle-maker, you’ll want to check out these yucky (and so fun) games for the whole family.

67. Did you know you can make a lunchbox out of a plastic water jug? Get the tutorial here.

68. Before there were smartphones, there were maps. Pass the paper reading map skills down a generation by showing your kids how to read a map, old-school style.

kids-reading-map-pixababyphoto: Pixabay

69. Play a game that helps with hand-eye coordination. Bonus: there’s a barnyard twist.

70. Paint like Van Gogh.

71. Make edible art that the kids can eat.

72. Transform empty bottles into a scuba tank.

73. Take some time to teach your kids about a historic icon: Frederick Douglass.

74. It may be gloomy outside but you can still spot a rainbow thanks to these four clever ways of making your own.

75. Lounge in style with a homemade hammock.

76. Make your own bubbles.

soap-bubble-439103_1920photo: Pixabay

77. Use air (hey, it’s cheap!) for your next science experiment.

78. Cold weather got you down? Stay mellow with this blues playlist for kids.

79. Cast a spell with a pretend potion.

80. Play a game of sniff-and-seek.

81. Learn a new magic trick (or seven!).

82. Paint rocks to hide outside on a sunny day.

83. Craft your very own shooting star.

84. Score a new set of wheels. Here are 10 cool cars you can make at home.

Fingerprint Freight Trainphoto: Simply Learning Instagram Page

85. Practice counting with these clever hacks.

86. Check out nine sand play ideas. No beach required!

87. Create your own family laws just for today. Use these five ideas to get you started.

88. Learn how to make shadow puppets.

89. Make a no-batteries-required robot. We’ve got three awesome projects right here.

90. It’s time for a geography lesson. Get started with our Name That State printable.

91. Make the kids LOL with 20 hilarious jokes.

DonutFriendlaughingphoto: Jolie Loeb

92. Even if you can’t run around outside you can still play football. Paper football that is.

93. It’s Girl Scout cookie season (YES!). To celebrate, learn two Girl Scout songs today.

94. Write your own fairy tale. Use our fill-in-the-blank story to get started.

95. Fold an origami teddy bear.

96. Break out the deck of cards to learn these easy card games and tricks.

97. Check out our ideas for pretend play you can set up (and enjoy!) in one afternoon.

98. Create your own puppet theater.

photo: Maija Ukko via Ukkonooa

99. Embrace the mess with these confetti poppers fun for any time of year.

100. Make your own I Spy Jar.

101. Changing the world is easier than you may think. Check out our handy guide for kids here.

102. Make your own tic-tac-toe board.

103. Keep kids busy with a new activity book or two.

104. Take craft time to the next, out-of-this-world level with a fun alien craft.

105. Make a bird feeder out of an empty soup can.

photo: And We Play

106. Let your kid be her favorite Sesame Street character for the day.

107. Bring the Big Easy into your home with our favorite kid-friendly jazz albums.

108. Make a terrarium for your kid’s favorite prehistoric pal.

109. Make Star Wars crafts with your force of nature.

110. For a quiet afternoon, print out one of these awesome winter-themed activity sheets.

111. Plan a playdate for the record books with one of these genius ideas.

112. Make a mailbox and send each other letters.

photo: Melissa Heckscher 

113. Upcycle your own newspaper into a crazy awesome dome.

114. Read a book or 100.

115. And, for you, mom and dad who have crafted, created, entertained and danced, you deserve a pat on the back…and maybe even a glass of wine. Make things interesting with our wine bingo printable you can download here. Cheers!

What’s your go-to indoor play idea? Share the love in the comment section below!

— Erin Lem


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