Are you TTC? If so, we hope that you didn’t miss the big holiday devoted to it. (January 2nd was National Baby Making Day.) Okay, so it was a “national day” in the United Kingdom, but that doesn’t mean we can’t adopt it over here too! With all those babies being made just over two weeks ago, it seems like sound reasoning that today would be “Discovery Day”—that is, the day when most women find out they’re pregnant.

So how many women will find out that they’re about to become mamas on Jan. 17? Experts say the number could be as many as 10,000 women find out they’re pregnant on Jan. 17 every year. U.K. parenting site Channel Mum decided to take a look at “pregnancy test addiction”—when a woman takes at least six tests to confirm that she really and truly is preggo—and they also uncovered the “Discovery Day” phenomenon.

While the data comes from the United Kingdom, that doesn’t mean the same can’t be said for women in the United States. Looking at U.S. birth data, September is the month when most babies are born in the United States.

And what month is nine months prior to September? December. It all comes full circle, or, cycle, as it were. If American mommies conceive in December, mid-January is a reasonable time to take a pregnancy test. That means the United Kingdom’s “Discovery Day” may very well be the same for us over here across the pond.

Did you find out that you were pregnant in January? Did you test on the 17th? Share your pregnancy test date in the comments below.

—Erica Loop