If you’re like us, “Stranger Things” on Netflix was THE SHOW to watch this summer after the kids were put to bed. We don’t want them to be spooked by the demogorgons, right? Whether you think Eleven is a perfect character to be this Halloween, or Barb is more your style, we’ve got everything you need to nail the perfect costume inspired by the show.

Barbara Holland


What you’ll need: Short red hairstyle, get a plaid shirt with as many ruffles as possible, high-waisted light-wash (mom) jeans, a thin watch, and some Sally Jessy Raphael glasses.

Dustin Henderson


What you’ll need: A red, white, and blue baseball hat, a curly brown wig, an old-school graphic t-shirt, some brown corduroys, a denim jacket, and a backpack.



What you’ll need: A bald cap or a bad blond wig, a high-neck baby pink dress with a white collar, a blue jacket, striped knee socks, white Converse, and dribble some fake blood out of your nose.

Jim Hopper


What you’ll need: A khaki cop costume and some facial hair (real or fake)

Jonathan Byers


What you’ll need: A baggy, plain brown t-shirt, light-wash jeans, and shaggy brown hair

Joyce Byers


What you’ll need: A thin dark jacket, a striped shirt or chunky turtleneck sweater, and flared jeans with a shaggy brown bob hairstyle. As a bonus, you can use Christmas lights as an accessory.

Lucas Sinclair


What you’ll need: A red corduroy jacket, a striped t-shirt, and dark-colored pants. Add a backpack and tie a camouflaged bandana around your forehead

Mike Wheeler


What you’ll need: A light puffy jacket on top of a striped, collared shirt, with jeans and sneakers. GIve yourself a brown bob, and you’re good to go!

Nancy Wheeler


What you’ll need: A long, brown wig, pinned back on both sides of your head, a striped sweater, and some dark high-waisted jeans

Steve Harrington


What you’ll need: Tuck a striped, long-sleeved polo into some belted khakis, and rock a pair of brown loafers.

Will Byers


What you’ll need: A red and yellow puffy vest on top of a blue plaid shirt and some light-colored jeans and sneakers. If you can find a brown bowl-cut wig, you’re ready to rock Halloween.


Which character is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

All Photos: Netflix