Many kids beg to have a little brother or sister, but when the big day finally arrives they might start singing a different tune. Check out these hilarious pictures of kids who’ve just realized wishing for a sibling might have been a horrible mistake.

1. When reality hits you like a ton of LEGO bricks.

photo: imugr

2. He can barely contain his excitement over the new arrival.

photo: gypsy_love via Reddit 

3. Family photos will never be the same.

photo: imugr

4. The moment he realized he’s no longer the center of attention.

photo: littlemonky via Reddit

5. When the gender reveal doesn’t go the way you hoped.

photo: RaginBetch via Reddit

6. I will never smile again.

photo: imugr

7. Reading is supposed to be fun.

photo: Ketchupandmilk via Reddit

8. What have you done???

photo: Bored Panda

9. Tell me you saved the receipt for this shirt. Never wearing it again.

photo: Queen Victoria via Twitter

10. Are you sure he’s my brother?

photo: Bored Panda

11. When you regret applying for the job.

photo: Bored Panda

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