With just a few short weeks of homework, pick-up lines, and lunchbox packing to go, you’re in the home stretch at the end of the school year. Yet those last few days can somehow feel like the longest, most excruciating days of all. Here are just a few reasons why summer can’t get here fast enough.

1. You’ve covered every square inch of your fridge with artwork to the point where even one more will probably make the whole thing tip over.

photo: BuzzFeed

2. Trying to set up play dates and realizing you don’t remember any parent’s names and it’s way too late in the game to ask.

3. Playing the how-fast-can-we-get-up-and-out-the-door-game because each morning you’ve been hitting the snooze button just one more time.

4. Giving in to the dark side, and packing a lunchbox full of junk so that you don’t have to dump the healthy stuff into the trash yet again at the end of the day.

photo: thesophrsaremultiplying via BuzzFeed

5. Falling impossibly behind on your actual bill-paying job because of the ten thousand end of year activities you have to attend.

6. Using every ounce of strength you have to keep yourself from blaring the horn in the drop off line because how do you not get the routine by now?!

photo: STL Real Life

7. Praying that backpack zipper hangs on for just a little while longer or your kid will be carrying his books in a paper bag, because there’s no way your buying a new backpack now.

8. The stress of finding a teacher gift that falls somewhere between homemade Pinterest project that won’t make it past the trashcan and cold hard cash.

photo: Pinterest

9. Biting your tongue when your kid professes how fed up she is with school, when all you want to say is, “yeah it sucks.”

10. Wishing you had bought another bottle of wine when your kid announces ‪at 9pm that his end of the school year project (which he never mentioned) is ‪due tomorrow.


11. Hearing that last bell ring, realizing you’re now in charge for the entire summer and immediately starting the countdown till back to school.

What are some of the reasons the end of the school year makes you want to tear your hair out? Share your thoughts in the comments.