Every so often we stumble across a cool new kids product that we just have to share with our readers. Most of these products are so unique, engaging and fun that we can’t imagine as parents keeping this information to ourselves. So with the hectic holidays in full swing we’ve made things super easy for you by compiling a list of the 12 coolest things we found in 2011. Judging by the incredible level of awesomely cool things we uncovered this past year, we can only imagine what 2012 has in store for us. If you have a tip about a really cool thing then send us an email to tips (at) redtri.com with the details.

1. Do you utter certain parenting phrases like “Share your toys” or “Go play outside” over and over? If so, be sure to check out these cool “By Order of Mgmt” signs that we just love.

2. Goodbye chalkboards, hello dry erase paint!

3. A custom fort without even dismantling the couch cushions or raiding the linen closet of its blankets and towels? We’re sold.

4. We couldn’t be more enthralled with these custom vintage globes that amaze and delight.

5. Aromatic Play Clay provides hours of fun and is 100 per cent natural clay that contains no preservatives, alcohol or synthetic perfumes.

6. Teach your kiddos the value of a dollar with a fun Moonjar Moneybox.

7. Custom subway art for your kids rooms is easy to install, visually fun, and can be customized to your kids interests.

8. Parents love that these blocks engage the kids. Bonus: they ideally meld form, functionality and sustainability. Who could ask for more?

9. The tooth fairy, Santa Clause and the Easter bunny are all about stretching your little ones imagination. Help your teeth-losing kiddos out with this fun tooth fairy delivery truck.

10. We never thought we’d see a sled that is fun, easy on the eyes, and won’t give us a major backache. Mountain Boy Double Kick sled to the rescue!

11. Tired of buying new pants every time your kid grows a couple inches? We’ve got the answer that will make all parents jump for joy.

12. Outfit your kiddos with this sweet and super cool backpack.

— Erin Lem