As we put a bow on yet another brilliant year for independent kid’s (“kindie”) music, we offer you the thirteen best albums of 2013. Our picks range from bombastic to hilarious to old-fashion to orchestral to bizarre, and just about everything in between. The lucky 13 CDs below are best suited for children ages 3-10, with some skewing a bit younger and others even reaching out to tweens and teens — in short: full family listening. Click through to take a peek.

Shine and the Moonbeams Self-Titled

Soulful and joyful, the long-awaited Shine and the Moonbeams album delivered on every single promise the NYC band made when it quietly leaked a couple of singles last year. The retooled hit "High Five" soars to new heights, "Bully" is a smashing success, and "Melody In Me" is as good an opening track as there's been in years.

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What are your favorites kindie CDs from 2013? Share your picks in the comments section below!

— Jeff Bogle

*For the purposes of this list, only albums released between 11/1/2012 and 10/31/2013 were considered.