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I remember when it seemed like just yesterday that Twitter users had to contain their witticisms to 140 characters or less. Oh wait, it actually was almost yesterday: in November 2017, Twitter doubled its character count to 280 characters.

While many bemoaned the possibility of boring, longer diatribes, longer tweets have proven to be a boon for parents. Instead of trying to confine the daily insanity that is parenting small humans to a mere 140 characters, we can now practically compose daily memoirs with 280 characters! This of course means that your favorite funny moms of Twitter have become even funnier thanks to those extra 140 characters they didn’t have before.

If you’re looking for some serious motherhood hilarity to get you through those days when you’re freezing gum out of your kid’s hair (again) or fishing the tablet out of the toilet (again), look no further than these 15 moms who are absolutely killing it on Twitter in 2018.

vodkamom (@vodkamom)

From her Twitter bio: "I am a first grade teacher, writer, blogger and exhausted mother. Don't bother calling me because I never answer the phone." Follow @vodkamom on Twitter.

Mommy Cusses (@mommy_cusses)

From her Twitter bio: "5% lady, 80% pervert, 90% awkward." Follow @mommy_cusses on Twitter.

Kim Bongiorno (@ LetMeStart ))

From her Twitter bio: "Took away TV privileges from my daughter as punishment so now both our afternoons are ruined." Follow @LetMeStart on Twitter.

Susan McLean (@NoDomesticDiva)

From her Twitter bio: "Somewhere between love & madness lies... Motherhood. Humorist, Author, Blogger. Sharing the lighter side of parenthood & rockin' what I've got left." Follow @NoDomesticDiva on Twitter.

SpacedMom (@copymama)

From her Twitter bio: "Writer of freelance copy. Cultivator of small humans. Documenter of absurdity." Follow @copymama on Twitter.

The Magnitude of Margaretude (@Bollingmargaret)

From her Twitter bio, she hails from "Queen of the Double Entendre." Follow @Bollingmargaret on Twitter.

Mommy Owl (@Lhlodder )

From her Twitter bio: Don't let "Writing and literature professor" lure you into thinking she's not funny because boy howdy, she's funny. Follow @hlodder on Twitter.

MotherPlaylist (@MotherPlaylist)

From her Twitter bio: "I was told there would be snacks here..." Follow @MotherPlaylist on Twitter.

Paige Kellerman (@PaigeKellerman)

From her Twitter bio: "Writer, humorist and mother. People say I'm a bad cook. They're right. If you ask nicely, I'll write something for you. But you'll have to give me money too." Follow @PaigeKellerman on Twitter.

Chrissy Teigen (@chrissyteigen)

Celebrity mom she may be, but she is one helluva funny Twitter mom, too—with baby number two on the way, no less. From her Twitter bio: This mega model and wife of singer John Legend is a self-described "de-motivational speaker." Follow @chrissyteigen on Twitter.

Amy Flory (@FunnyIsFamily)

From her Twitter bio: "Named one of @Mashable's 17 Funny Moms on Twitter, one of @Parenting's 10 Handles to Follow, and World's Meanest Mom by my kids." Follow @FunnyIsFamily on Twitter.

Mommy, for real. (@MommyisForReal)

From her Twitter bio: "Wordsmith. Humorist. Seriousist. Getting real about motherhood with a cocktail of humor and neuroses." Follow @MommyisForReal on Twitter.

Mom of All Capes (@MomOfAllCapes)

From her Twitter bio: "We're life-nerds searching for the answers through experience." Follow @MomOfAllCapes on Twitter.

Jennifer Lizza (@outsmartedmommy)

From her Twitter bio: "When my kids grow up I'm going to knock on their doors & demand to know what's for dinner. Then I'll cry & use all the ketchup." Follow @outsmartedmommy on Twitter.

Ponies and Martinis (@PonyMartini)

From her Twitter bio: "Herding kids and dogs daily. One day, I hope to complete something I start. Or, at least complete a thought." Follow @PonyMartini on Twitter.

Who tops your Twitter list of funniest moms? Share your favorite Twitter parent personalities in the comments.

—Keiko Zoll


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