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As we all know, you are never fully ready to raise a child. No matter how much prep work or advice you received, you can’t prepare for the the love (or the frustrations) of parenthood. An insightful discussion on Reddit popped up last week that asked the question: “What is it that nobody tells you about having children?” There were plenty of notably true answers that gave us a good chuckle.

Here are our favorites:

1. “That we’re all making it up as we go along.” —iclickiclickiclick

2. “How much you worry about their poop.” — Tigerzombie

3. “It’s like an episode of “Unsolved Mysteries” once a week. How did chocolate get under the bathroom sink? Why is there lipstick all over your face? I’ve stopped being surprised about the things that occur, I simply accept them and clean them.” — Egleu

4. “That peeing alone is a luxury” — mcmoonery

5. “I never thought I would be excited to sneak into my son’s bedroom at night to move a stuffy, and to briefly put my hand on his sleeping chest in order to feel his stomach rising and falling as he breathes. How lame have I become? I love it, though.” — Haquistadore

6. “You immediately become the co-star of your own life.” — UnfortunateBirthMark

7. “There will come a day in your life when you know the names of all the characters from your child’s favorite show (Chase! Rubble! Rocky! Zuma! Marshall! Skye!), but you haven’t seen a normal movie in the theatres since Frozen came out.” — DivinelyMinely

8. “How awkward you’ll feel when you first leave the hospital.” — MaybeSadie

9. “Newborn baby ears feel soft like rose petals. Rub your cheek against them all the time because one day their ears will be hard like yours.” — dogsordiamonds

10. “The (bleep) dishes, man.” —beardo_musacho

11. “The most terrifying sound you will ever hear is silence on a baby monitor.” — Sabezan

12. “Babies are so soft. And really really warm, it’s like holding a hot waterbottle, but much scarier since its a small human” —Angsty_Potatos

13. “When the youngster greets you in the morning standing up inside the crib, holding onto the side, bouncing up and down at the knees because they are excited to see you.” — ksiyoto

14. “Babies smell GOOD. I mean, like a sweet, sweet scent that is indescribably soothing. Seriously, smell their head.” —canihavemymoneyback

15. “You have to get comfortable pooping in front of someone while they tell you stories about sea creatures” — GlengarryGlenCoco


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