Can you imagine being a parent without the luxury of Google? Admit it! You can’t! Because anytime you have a random or embarrassing question, all you have to do is ask your best friend Google, and there’s usually a great answer and no judgment!

Here are the 15 strangest things parents Google, in no certain order.

1. My daughter ate a full tick, do I call 911?

2. How much wine can I drink while I breastfeed?

3. DIY Pet Funeral Goldfish

4. What does On Fleek mean?

5. Where do they serve alcohol at Disneyland?

6. Can I die from sleep deprivation?

7. How do I get my son’s pee-wee out of a water hose?

8. DIY Poop Carpet Stain Removal

9. How much NyQuil can an 8-year-old have?

10. Organic Lice Treatment

11. Is it dangerous to eat ladybugs?

12. Will my boobs ever be normal again?

13. What is AF?

14. Why do my kids want to watch me go to the bathroom?

15. How much paint is safe to ingest?

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