Do you ever have so much on your proverbial plate that if one more thing gets added, you just might lose your sh*t? If you’re a mother, that’s probably at least once a day. And that one more thing is usually in the form of a sweet little voice (or multiple) saying, “Mommy.” A THOUSAND times a day, “Mommy” “Mommy” “Mommy” “Mommy” “Mommy” “Mommy” .. you get the point.

When I was working full-time I think this made me lose my sh*t at least three times a day. And I’m embarrassed to say I reacted by snapping at them. I mean for crying out loud, haven’t you learned to cook your own meals, wash your own clothes and google your questions yet? Oh wait, no. Because you’re 5.

And every time I would snap at them I would feel like a super jerk. Especially when my exasperated “WHAT!!!?” was followed by, “I colored a picture for you.” (face palm) Talk about a mom fail.

So one day I decided that every single time my children said “Mommy” to get my attention I would answer with two simple words: “Yes, love?” Sometimes it took me a second. Sometimes I did it through slightly gritted teeth. But I did it. Every. Time.

And you know what? It worked. And it got easier. And there was much less snapping. Because every time I said “Yes, love” I was reminded that they are the greatest loves of my life. And they are precious little things who are overwhelmed too, trying to figure out this big world with me as their guide.

I was telling this story to two co-workers one day and I teared up. I think because I was ashamed that I snapped at my kids just for saying my name. And because I was overwhelmed with love for them (my kids, not my co-workers  ).

I still use this trick to this day, years later. Even though life has changed so much for us and I no longer work full-time, I still get frustrated. As moms and as women we always pile on more tasks and projects and responsibilities to fill up that proverbial plate.

But using the two simple words still helps keep me grounded and appreciate those sweet little voices.

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