Do we go way back from the beginning? From the day we told you how you could really still have some fun with your bundle of joy (who didn’t seem to have any good ideas of their own), you’ve bombarded us with guesses for the “Travel Tuesday Mystery Location” and jumped on board for local adventures around your town. Your loyalty means so much to us!

Or, maybe you’re new to Red Tricycle and in that case, welcome! While you may know that you’re onto something really really cool, some of you may be still trying to figure out everything we have to offer.

Now, nearly five years into the game and three new markets later we’re dying to know: What do you really think of Red Tricycle?

So you ask, what’s in it for you? For starters, here’s the unique opportunity to tell us what you think. Yeah, we know you like to do that! Oh, and there’s a really cool prize.

Two lucky readers will be selected at random to win a $50 Gap/Baby Gap gift card. Yep that’s right, baby needs a new set of ‘duds.

In order to qualify for the promotion and win the prize, you need to first complete the entire survey and also agree to our contest rules. So go ahead. Take the survey, it won’t take long and it’s actually kind of fun.

By the way, you have our solemn promise that we won’t use any information you share or any information about you in any way but to make Red Tricycle more useful in your life. We also swear not to disclose any specific information about you to anyone outside of Red Tricycle.

Now get on it! Click here to take the survey.