We know what apartment living is like: tight quarters, lack of space, and, if you have kids, toys spreading into each and every room. That’s why we went to the NYC Toy Fair last week in search of the best tiny toys for urban family life. We found a lot of exciting new stuff that is either small itself or can be easily stored away in the smallish containers they are sold with.

Melissa & Doug Whittle World
Okay, so they pretty much had us at ‘Whittle’ because that toddler-ized word is beyond adorable. But the sweet little wooden Whittle World products are what makes us really coo like a baby. We think the school bus and the airplane (shown below) are about as precious as toys get. Each set comes with three larger pieces, a handful of people, and some extras (look at the tiny luggage!)  These toys will fit snugly into any home and heart, and many pieces from the Whittle line are available now.


LEGO Bricks & More Young Builders Suitcase
We love these LEGO sets that bridge the gap between LEGO Duplo bricks for little fingers and the more intimidating larger sets for kids ages 10 and up. But what we love even more is the self-contained suitcase that packs up all 146 pieces, and can slide under a bed or next to a bookshelf for easy storage when space is at a premium!  The LEGO Bricks & More Suitcase sets are available in blue or pink, and are out now.

Lego bricks and more suitcase

A brand new way to play a very classic game was launched at Toy Fair this year, as well as on the iTunes App Store with a free app. Gone are the days of flat, 3-in-a-row Tic Tac Toe battles as the X and O action has been brought to life in stunning 3D board game with multiple ways to play and win. This refreshed version will hit local toy stores this year, and while larger than its pen and paper Tic Tac Toe cousin, we think the idea of building rows of X’s and O’s up into the sky is a clever mimic of city life when space is limited.

Tic Stac Toe

These squishy figures are tiny, collectible, and super fun. When you don’t have the space for a suite of action figures and related play sets, Mash’Ems provide full character play (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dr. Who, Moshi, My Little Pony, Smurfs, Angry Birds, Marvel Superheroes, and more) at a fraction of the size and cost. And because they are sold in mystery packs, there is excitement in buying and opening them too!

MashEms TMNT

Hexbugs Warriors Battle Stadium
At first glance, you might think “wait a minute, this isn’t small at all!” and while you’d be technically correct, these clever Hexbugs battle zones offer something that families in small spaces will love: contained play! That’s right, the Hexbugs stadium is a self-contained area of play meaning that the kitchen floor stays clean (crumbs aside, of course.)  Many of the different Hexbugs Battle Stadiums and Battle Bots are available now.hexbug_warriors battle stadium

Tiny toys for our tiny tots; we love it! These are just a few of the great toys we discovered at Toy Fair this year. Got any to add to our list?

— Jeff Bogle