With the holiday season already in full swing, we thought it might be fun to see what the stars have in store for the month of December. We consulted our trusty astrological guides, dialed up St. Nick for some North Pole insights and ultimately trusted our many years of experience parenting through the holidays to come up with these 12 holiday horoscopes.

To figure out which festive astrological holiday sign you are, go by your own zodialogical sign.

The Reindeer (Aries)

The ever-impulsive Aries the Ram, represented here at Christmas with a more holiday-fitting reindeer, is often the first to rush into things headlong. Known for their courage and seemingly endless energy—like braving all kinds of weather conditions for the long haul pulling Santa's sleigh—Reindeer love to take the lead. Expect your holiday season to be filled with lots and lots of cleanup, as your Reindeer kiddo tears through the house not only trying to find exactly where the Elf is hiding, but through every last Christmas present, too.

The Polar Bear (Taurus)

Known for being stubborn, the Polar Bear is the perfect holiday counterpart to Taurus the Bull. A deliberate type, the Polar Bear is set in its ways, takes its time and can be meticulous about its wants and needs almost to a fault. Your little Polar Bear won't be too pleased to find that Santa ran out of blue Fingerlings and got them the white Fingerling instead. Don't try to rock the boat this holiday season with your Polar Bear cub—stick to the traditions they know and love and hope that you can get every last Christmas gift they want to their exact specifications. (Sorry, parents of Polar Bear children who want a pony this year.)

The Mistletoe (Gemini)

The Gemini twins are the most sociable of the astrological signs, which makes the Mistletoe a fitting holiday zodiac stand-in. Flirtatious, witty and sometimes—okay, most times—distracted, the Mistletoe is often the life of the holiday party. During this holiday season, you can count on fabulous holiday soirees, raucous White Elephant gifts exchanges and thoughtful Secret Santas. Just remember to move the Elf on the Shelf every night, because it's easy for a Mistletoe to forget some of the smallest details.

The Holly (Cancer)

Like Cancer the Crab, the Holly has pointy pinch-y bits and keeps its cards close. Celtic tradition holds that the Holly is a symbol of resilience and protection, just as the Crab represents in astrology. A symbol too of hearth and home, a Holly loves nothing more than to be surrounded by family for the holidays in small, intimate gatherings rather than at the splashy parties its Mistletoe friends may throw. This holiday season, expect cozy closeness and comfort—but don't let your tendency to become a home-body keep you from enjoying everything that Christmas has to offer outside the house.

The Christmas Tree (Leo)

Leo the Lion just loves to be the center of attention, and what's more center of attention than the Christmas Tree? Bold, showy and glamorous, the Christmas Tree literally lights up a room wherever he or she goes. It almost wouldn't be Christmas without the Christmas Tree, so you can count on a holiday season full of cheer and merriment wherever you go.

The Angel (Virgo)

Virgo the Maiden is known for being gentle and demure but exceptionally precise. The Angel atop the Christmas tree is a fitting reminder of Virgo, if only for her grace and willingness to help. Angels float around the holiday season as if possessing some kind of premonitory sixth sense, able to predict needs and pick the perfect gift no matter the recipient. Angels can expect a busy holiday season flying around making everything perfect; just don't forget to rest your wings from spreading all that holiday magic.

The Wreath (Libra)

Libra's Scales represent both beauty and balance—just like a well-crafted Christmas Wreath. The Wreath hates to have anything unbalanced and will do everything in its power to right what's been wronged. The Wreath can play the role of the peacemaker at quarrelsome holiday gatherings, and they're also sure to have the most dazzlingly decorated house on the block, too.

The Candle (Scorpio)

Scorpio the Scorpion is surprisingly introspective and contemplative, which makes the Candle its natural compliment during the holidays. Just like the stinger on a scorpion, folks who come to close to the Candle may find themselves getting hurt. The Candles are an emotional lot, so don't be alarmed if you find yourself suddenly getting choked up when your little one starts belting out "Silent Night." As a Candle, your holiday season might be filled with more drama than you'd like, but you can still radiate stillness with your own inner light.

The Gingerbread Man (Sagittarius)

Sagittarius the Archer (half horse, half man) is the closest thing to an actual human man on the zodiac, and you could say the same for the Gingerbread Man during the holidays, too. An affable fellow, the Gingerbread Man is a social butterfly and gets along great with Mistletoes at holiday parties. They're also known for their style—hello frosting buttons—so you can expect to be the best dressed at any Christmas function this season.

The Yule Goat (Capricorn)

The Yule Goat is basically as literal as you can get for Capricorn the Goat. The Yule Goat comes from Scandinavian and Germanic traditions and is often represented as a little straw ornament. Yule Goats are a proud group, valuing success as the fruits of their labor and ambition. The holiday season for a Yule Goat can feel like the ultimate reward for months of hard work. Enjoy those days off during the holidays—you've earned it.

The Hot Cocoa Mug (Aquarius)

The Hot Cocoa Mug is the perfect holiday astrology match for Aquarius the Water Bearer. Hot Cocoa Mugs love to hang out with their Mistletoe and Gingerbread Man pals, because when the three of them get together, they are the ultimate Holiday Party #Squad. The drinks will always be flowing whenever a Hot Cocoa Mug is around, be it hot chocolate for the kiddos or some eggnog with a splash (or three) of rum for the parents. Hot Cocoas should expect a raucous holiday season with plenty of late nights and maybe even a groggy Christmas morning as a result.

The Snow Globe (Pisces)

The last sign of the zodiac is the inscrutable and sensitive Pisces the Fish. With a penchant for the mysterious, the wonderful and the magical, the Snow Globe is the perfect representation of the little bit of magic and wonder that can be found within. Much like the Pisces fish who like to swim with the current, the Snow Globe likes to go with the flow, too. Snow Globes don't mind getting shaken up once in a while because ultimately, everything will settle down again. If you're a Snow Globe, expect your holiday season to be interspersed with unexpected moments of craziness that will settle right back down to your holiday routine in time.

What do you think about turning to the stars for guidance during the holiday season? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

—Keiko Zoll