It’s time for yet another end-of-year retrospective—but instead of rounding up our favorite movies, TV shows, or viral videos, we’re going to distill down the funniest meme moments of 2017 in GIF form, because, let’s be honest: as parents, the only time we have to check our phones lasts about as long as a GIF some days. Websites Social Media Week and GIPHY rounded up the most popular GIFs of 2017 and here at Red Tricycle, we’ve given them their very own parenting spin.

Presenting: The Top 21 GIFs of 2017, the Parent Edition.

1. That One Time I Nailed a Pinterest Project This Year

This "Love Gnome" GIF by Anna Hrachovec received the most views on GIPHY: a whopping 340 million views since it was first posted just after the 2017 election. Hrachovec makes lots of these adorable stop motion GIFs, which, I could totally replicate and put on Pinterest, too. Maybe. (Not really.)

2. When Your Kid Drops the F-Bomb In Front of You for the First Time

Drew Scanlon is the face behind the ubiquitous "white guy blinking" meme that took the GIF-ing world by storm this year. It's pretty amazing how a  2-second GIF from a gaming live-stream pretty much expresses every parent's feeling of disbelief when their kid pulls one of those "Excuse me, what did you just say?" moments.

3. The Obligatory "Waving Hi to All the Other Moms at the School Pickup Spot" Face

This pug from DNCE’s “Kissing Strangers” music video perfectly captures that moment of just how much every parent looks forward to making small talk with all the other parents while you wait to pick up your kids after school. Like, seriously—didn't the bell ring 5 minutes ago? Mama's got errands to run already.

4. "I'm Sorry Honey, But You Need to Pick Another Halloween Costume."

"Thanks, Fall Out Boy, for inspiring my kid to be a dancing llama this year for Halloween. What a remarkably simple costume to make or acquire," said no parent ever this year.

5. The "Yay It's the Start of Organized Sports Season!" Dance

As any parent of kids in organized sports can tell you, the kids get just a wee bit excited to suit up and hit the field once baseball/soccer/football/basketball/hockey season starts.

6. "Should I Buy Stock in Starbucks? (Asking for a Friend.)"

If mama's day does not start with coffee, mama's day doesn't start.

7. The "We're Halfway Through Our Organized Sport Season" Dance

There might still be plenty of smelly loads of team outfit laundry yet to be done, but we know the end will be soon. The end of shlepping your kid to practice and games multiple nights a week is so very close, and yet—so far. 

8. "You Call This Room Clean? Try Again."

Literally said this exactly same thing and made this exact same face to my son not 20 minutes before writing this article.

9. "Hey Sweetie, Did You Bake Those Cookies for the Bake Sale Tomorrow Morning?"

Um, yeah. Totally. Of course I did. *throws on shoes, drives to grocery store at 10 p.m.*

10. The "Unexpectedly Have a Morning Just to Myself" Dance

I'm so happy I almost don't know what to do with myself.

11. "Oh, I Already Got All My Christmas Shopping Done in October."

We'll always have Amazon Prime.

12. "We Have Like, 15 Minutes Max Before the Kids Wake Up..."

But let's be honest... it's more like 5 minutes before they get up, because the kids always wake up early on those kind of frisky mornings, am I right?

13. "What Do You Mean 'We're All Out of Goldfish'?!"

Replace "Goldfish" with the mundane yet earth-shattering need of your child at the present moment. Might be "milk," "orange crayons" or even "see-through L-shaped LEGOs."

14. How I Feel Every Time I Get a "Your Package Was Delivered" Notification from Amazon

Seriously. Those smiling Amazon boxes may as well be manna from heaven.

15. The "When Your Co-Parent Totally Has Your Back" Nod of Approval

Dear partner and co-parent-in-crime: thank you for not undermining my authority, no matter how difficult this whole "parenting our kid together" thing can be sometimes. It is much appreciated.

16. When Your Kid Randomly Tells You You're Old... Again

"For the last time little bub, 35-turning-36 is not old, okay? Those grey hairs are supposed to be up there."

17. The "Check Out This Amazing Parenting Hack I Just Pulled Off" Face

"Did I just get my kid to take their medicine with soda? Yes, yes I did. Did I string up a bungee cord in my trunk to keep my grocery bags from falling over? You bet your sweet bippy I did. Did I use JELL-O powder and a little water when I ran out of food coloring making all those cupcakes for my kid's bake sale? Nope—because then I would have had to remember my kiddo signed me up for that without ever telling me in the first place."

18. The "OMG We Finally Got a Babysitter" Happy Dance

Woohoo! Go on and get down with your bad self. You finally got a night out to yourselves in months! Savor it parents, you've earned it.

19. "What Do You Mean My The Only Thing My Kid Wants for Their Birthday Is on Backorder?!"

Whether it was rose gold Minnie ears, the unicorn Fingerling or the much-coveted and nigh-impossible-to-get L.O.L. Surprise toy, it can be downright rage-inducing when you're just 2 minutes too late to snag that super hot toy of the moment.

20. The "Thank God We're Finally Done With Our Organized Sport Season" Celebration

After 12 weeks of cheerleading practice, too-many-to-count home and away games, and what seems like gallons of hairspray—it's done. It's over. (Until the spring, of course.)

21. "These Are TOTALLY Regular Mashed Potatoes."

Nope, nothing cauliflower-y about them at all. Eat up, kiddos.

Which parenting GIF defined your year? (For me, it’s totally number 9. Hands down.) Share your favorite parenting GIFs from 2017 in the comments!

—Keiko Zoll