And the winners are…drumroll, please! Yep, 2018 Products of the Year winners are here. If you’re wondering how these “products” are chosen or who chooses them, the Product of the Year (POY) is the biggest consumer-voted award that manufacturers can get. With more than 40,000 consumers making the picks, these are products that you’ll want to use!


Yum! Duncan Hines Perfect Size for 1 tops the list of baked goods as the 2018 POY winner. Why spend all day baking a cake when you can make a single-serving sized mini version in your microwave. And it fits in a mug. Adorable! Oh, and there are 27 different varieties. So there’s something for everyone.

Ice Cream

So you say you want an ice cream that’s low in fat, but actually tastes good? Them the 2018 ice cream winner is for you. Skinny Cow High Protein Packed Low Fat Ice Cream comes in four flavors (with three more coming later in the year) and is under 400 calories.

Women’s Grooming

Hey, we know that no one wants to talk about facial hair. Um, but it’s there. At least, for many of us. Finishing Touch Flawless microscopically removes hair, eliminating the need to wax, pluck, bleach or use other chemicals to remove that lady-stache you’re not interested in sporting.

photo: Procter & Gamble

Dish Care

Who has time to pre-wash everything? Not you. And maybe that’s why Cascade Platinum won for the “Dish Care” category. The smarties behind this product gave it 33% more cleaning ingredients to help it get that kind of gross, stuck-on, burnt-on food off your pretty dishes.

First Aid

CURAD SoothePlus takes the number one spot in this POY category. It soothes the zillion boo-boo’s your kiddo gets with ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda and comes in two different sizes of gauze pads, rolled gauze and the absolutely necessary non-stick pads.

Check out the rest of the POY winners for 2018 to see if your faves are on the list. Then share your thoughts on the top picks with us in the comments below.

—Erica Loop



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