From relatable moments to hilarious parodies, our favorite viral parenting videos of 2019 were filled with lots of laughs and some “aww moments” along the way. As the year draws to a close, we’ve created a list of our favorites from the past twelve months. Scroll down and enjoy this recap of some of the year’s best viral parenting videos. 

Gibberish Baby

In this viral video, comedian DJ Pryor and his son, Kingston, taught us that you do not need to use words to hold a conversation. The duo brought a smile to our faces as they chatted on their couch while watching television. Kinston, speaking only in gibberish, responded to all of his dad’s comments like he knew exactly what was happening on the screen. 

He’s a Dad Guy

This dad’s parody of Billie Eilish’s hit, “Bad Guy” is not only spot on with his lyrics, but the video of his daily routine is hilarious. This ‘Dad Guy” is totally relatable. 

Squeaky Oven

This dancing mom really knows how to embarrass her kids. Amy Stephens now-viral “squeaky oven dance” to Usher’s 2004 hit “Yeah” is a definite must-see.

But, Mooooooooom!

Story of This Life vlogger Esther Anderson perfectly captures the reality of life with multiple kids in her now viral video entitled “Sibling Fights.” If you have more than one kid or grew up with siblings, you can totally relate.

Jenga Mom

Joseph Hauck tweeted this clip, adding, “Make my mom go viral,” which is exactly what happened. Check out her totally awesome Jenga skills.

Husband and Wife Video Spoofs

Dad of two Taylor Calmus, documented his wife’s Target obsession and her love of coffee creamer in this hilarious video.

Not to be outdone, his wife filmed an equally hysterical response.

Holiday Mishap

Mary Katherine Backstrom was in line at her local Wawa when she decided to get into the holiday spirit and do something good for someone else. What happened next is hilarious.  Bonus – her laugh is infectious.

Holiday Clothes

If you have ever needed to dress your kids in not-so-comfy outfits for the holidays, Saturday Night Live’s commercial parody is totally relatable. Sit back and laugh while you think about “Wrestling your wiggly little monster into winter clothes” and “Merino sweaters that won’t fit over his head.”

Christmas Wife

Dude Dad, Taylor Calmus, posted another hilarious impersonation of his wife. This time, he pokes fun at her holiday prep. Wouldn’t you know, everything she needs can be found at Target!


—Jennifer Swartvagher

Featured photo: iStock



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