It’s holiday time in Oreo-land! According to PopSugar, the iconic cookie company recently announced the release of new cookie designs for Halloween and Christmas. And here’s what you should expect!

The limited-edition cookies are holiday faves from years past. But instead of the same old sweet treats, Oreo is giving these seasonal selections a makeover for 2019.


So what does Oreo have in store for Halloween? The orange creme-filled cookies will comes in new different designs—spiderwebs, a jack o’lantern and a witch in a broomstick. Look for Oreo’s Halloween edition cookies in stores starting mid-August.

You’ll have to wait until mid-October for the Christmas edition. The red creme-filled cookies will have winter-inspired designs such as smiling snowmen, a penguin (wearing a scarf) and a snowflake!

—Erica Loop

Featured photo: Oreo via Instagram 



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