photo: David Bleasdale via Flickr

Being a mom is a cake walk, you just sit back sipping tea while the kids play quietly at your feet, leaving you plenty of time to chat on the phone whenever someone calls. Not exactly. Being a mom is a loud, messy, indescribably amazing, fully immersive experience that occasionally requires some sacrifices, like sending that call straight to voicemail. The days are long, but the years are short and here are just some of the thousands of memorable reasons why moms can’t answer the phone.

1. She and Wonder Woman are busy rescuing Batman from pirates.

2. She’s watching just one more cartwheel.

3. She’s blowing bubbles.

4. Barbie is going camping and she needs help picking out the right outfit.

5. She’s reading the last, last, last bedtime story.

6. She’s staring at baby toes.

7. She’s Googling “what does whale poop look like?” because pressing scientific questions must be answered.

8. “Mom look!”

9. You can’t interrupt the most epic game of hide and seek.

10. Those blankets won’t turn themselves into the most awesome fort ever constructed.

11. She’s currently morphed into her alter ego: the tickle monster.

12. She’s late for a very important tea party.

13. She’s inhaling the intoxicating aroma of baby.

14. You shouldn’t text and drive bumper cars.

15. She’s trying to top the current world record in Cheerio stacking.

16. Sprinklers are awesome, no matter how old you are.

17. She’s chasing butterflies.

18. She’s taking her first bite of the most delicious plastic slice of pie ever made.

19. She’s teaching the intricate footwork to the Electric Slide.

20. She just emptied a gigantic cardboard box; the afternoon is booked.

21. Rollie pollies.

What are some of the fun-filled reasons your phone goes straight to voicemail? Share them with us in the comments below.