Our collective calendar looks a bit different nowadays. The daily to weekly monotony began to sink in for us, so I decided to spice up the schedule. Homeschool still applies somewhere in the morning, but as that dwindles away into summer, this may help with the unusual transition this year.

Here’s what I came up with, and it’s been a welcomed adjustment for all in the family! 

MINDFUL MONDAY: Start the week with an open mind.

1. Ask questions over breakfast. Ask anything and everyone gets a turn. You never know what your child might ask. One day, our little one asked, “When all the humans are gone, will the dinosaurs come back?” This led to lots of dinosaur extinction discussions and worthwhile videos. His mind was working as opposed to the usual waffle chit-chat.

2. When on a walk in the neighborhood, name everything that the sun is touching. Find the letter “A” on license plates and street signs. Seek out the most interesting mailboxes (my personal favorite, like the neighbor who transformed their mailbox into a “free library” as well.)

TUNES on TUESDAY: Singing a different tune now, kids.

3. Play some music in the background (parent’s choice) all day long: Think Otis for breakfast, Patsy for lunch, and Mozart for dinner. 

4. Listen to the sounds outside, in the backyard or on walks. On a breezy Tuesday, try laying under the trees and listen to the leaves rustle with your little. “Watch them dance” as my son surprised me by saying. 

5. Order a windchime (or make if you’re craftier than me) for any outdoor nook (respecting neighbors of course). Our new addition was a ten buck wooden find and it’s lovely! 

WACKY WEDNESDAY: It’s a wacky world, so go with it.

6. Want to wear a costume all day, go ahead! Or want breakfast for dinner, no problem!

7. Want to take a shower instead of bath? Sure! Works for me! 

8. Want to listen to a kid’s story via a podcast during snack? Sure!

9. Want to write “mom” on my forehead, depends on my mood…

THOUGHTFUL THURSDAY: Feels good to think and do for others, more than ever.

10. Mail some artwork with a note to grandma, a school friend, or a stranger (like a nearby nursing home that could use some cheer). 

11. Write in chalk on the sidewalk to spread a positive phrase for the neighbors.

12. Help with meal prep, do an extra chore, and tidy the toys.

FAVORITE FRIDAY: Play favorites, the right way.

13. Eat a favorite cereal, sandwich and/or pasta.

14. Wear your favorite t-shirt or hat.

15. Read your favorite book or story.

SUSTAINABLE SATURDAY: Children are our future.

16. Water plants or veggies and/or plant something new. 

17. Take all recyclables to the recycling bin.

18. Support a local farmers market.

19. Do a nature activity like rock art or an outdoor scavenger hunt. 

20. Look through stuff and find the shoes that are getting tight, shirt too snug, or a toy past its prime, and give three things away (parents too).

21. Feeling lazy? Watch a video or show about the planet and going green! “Here We Are” on Apple+ was a huge hit in our house on Earth day and every Saturday since!

SIMPLE SUNDAY: Let it go (your schedule, not a movie reference)

22. Self-play and rest as needed.  

23. A night off from cooking can benefit all around. If you’re able, order from a local restaurant to show support during this time. They probably could use it.

Any variation of the above can work for your family. We need tricks up our sleeves for month three and find some joy in everyday.

Hope you stay Safe, healthy, and full of love