Gloomy winter weather and stir-crazy kids can be a recipe for disaster, especially if you’ve already exhausted your standby list of indoor activities. That’s why we’ve rounded up 25 fun ideas that will keep your little rugrats entertained until it’s warm enough to venture back outside. From interactive books for your iPad to yummy soup and stew recipes that will warm up those little bellies, you’ll most likely be crossing a few of these ideas off the list, so be sure to keep it handy!


1. Feeling Crafty? These 30 top mom and dad craft blogs will keep your kid’s hands full.

2. Explore 4 places of endless puzzle choices to get puzzles that are geographically shaped, 3D, pop-up, family photos, artifact locking blocks of painting masterpieces, and more.

3. No hardhats needed for 8 DIY games of road building, car washing, bowling, fishing, tiling.

4. 18 Angry Birds DIY ideas for the party to last a lifetime – themed favors, cake pops, pizza, and fruit platters.

5. Got fingers and paint? Make a customized 12 Months’ Handprint Calendar, no crayons needed!

6. Your minis can cuddle close to you around their 8 monster playthings.

7. Kids can make these 10 costume-worthy hats out of paper plates and egg cartons.

8. Be amazed at 7 paper bag craft projects that will colorfully brighten up any room along with their big smiles.

9. Here are 8 awesome mittens that reach new degrees of warmth such as the stroller mitten, the hand-holding mitten, and more.

10. Beating the freeze is a breeze with 8 decorative leg warmers. They arrive with bows and bling of every color, stripe and whimsy for the sporty or preppy, safari-loving or pet-free.

11. Let 10 classic board games from your childhood jog your memory.

12. The characters in these 15 iPad best kids books and apps may jump out in real life.

13. Share reader favorites through the ages in 10 classic books for daytime to bedtime.

14. For booster seat toddlers, keep 4 non-digital interactive books in tow with baby bag.

15. Add precious personality and originality with personalized children’s books.

16. Want winter wardrobe looks?  19 fab kids make otherwise frumpy winter clothes appear cheery.

17. Time to rock out? 10 most fun family music albums, watch sample songs with us!

18. Fill your kids up with warm liquids following recipes for 16 easy soups and stews.

19. Power juice for daily doses of veggies in 8 green juice recipes plus starting tips.

20. Healthy, wholesome snacks are made simple and fun with 8 animal shaped fruit platters.

21. Fun with forks and spoon? Make meals clever with 9 wackiest mealtime utensils.

22. Gadgets that may be big this year! Try 5 family friendly tech wows from CES in 2013.

23. Let the hunt to find treasure begin! Get excited with 5 ways to plan a great treasure hunt.

24. Love snow sports? Be sure to look at 5 tips when skiing with kids.

25. Your tikes still crawling around? Hit the slopes with 5 favorite sleds for toddlers.