What’s for lunch? Staying at home, confined, is a challenge for every family’s daily routine, starting with mealtime. The good news is that the Teuko community is your ally to stay inspired and motivated when it comes to feeding your tribe. As you are juggling your new reality, we’re happy to remind and share with you 3 simple tricks that can save you time and your sanity!

1. Get Inspired & See What Others Do Daily on Teuko
Teuko is the one place where you can find inspiration by browsing ideas from other parents, but not only. Don’t forget to check the School Menus category: you will find there simple and healthy kids’ lunch menus designed and validated by professionals for schools in Paris, San Francisco, or Tokyo!

Browse with your kids, choose together what inspires you the most, or search for ideas by an ingredient you like, and hopefully, you’ll keep on being inspired for a happy and healthy lunchtime.

2. Build Your Pantry “Survival Kit”
If you’re lucky enough to get some food items from your supermarket, you may be interested to know what simple food can make the difference in your pantry and your freezer. From cans, sauces, and frozen foods… these staples are indispensable in the pantry to prevent these days when “there is nothing left at home.”

3. Make the Most of Meal Kits
When the food supply is short, or your motivation low, meal kits stay a reliable resource to consider. The good news is that companies are developing new delivery services with the kids’ specific needs in mind. If they are convenient, we also like the fact that these kits can make it easier and more fun to get your kids to discover and try new ingredients and new recipes from home.

We hope that these few tips are useful for you. If so, please share them with members of your families or friends as they are probably facing the same challenges.


This post originally appeared on Teuko Blog.