Active bodies build active minds. Here are 3 super easy gift ideas for the active and soon-to-be-so from the Parents’ Choice Foundation!

Ultra Dash

For ages 6 & up. (MSRP: $19.99) “Move Fast When the Colors Flash!” Players design a course and select from three modes of play.


Fin Fun Swimmable Mermaid Tail

For ages 6 & up. (MSRP: $110.00) Aspiring Ariels will love this pull over foot-to-waist mermaid tail. Pick from dozens of prints and colors and 10 kid and adult sizes.


COOP Scatter Dodgeball

For ages 5 & up. (MSRP: $19.99) A fun new spin on the classic dodgeball gets faces off the screen and bodies off the couch.

Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground

For ages 3 & up. (MSRP: $159.95) Bring playground exercise to a doorway at home. Kids can use the indoor swing, rings, a ladder, a climbing rope and a trapeze.

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Featured Photo Courtesy: StockSnap/Pixabay