Motherhood can be a funny thing. We spend years putting as much effort into the lives of our kids as possible, hoping to teach them new things and introduce them to the world. Children are wonderfully innocent, and they have the amazing benefit of being able to experience everything for the first time. The world is like a giant coloring book to them — completely blank and ready for the pages to be brought to life.

I have always viewed motherhood from the perspective of a teacher. We’re the ones teaching our kids everything, right? Of course, this is true, we do teach kids so much about the world that they take with them as they grow older. But, did you ever stop and think about how much your kids are teaching you?

It’s an interesting idea, and something I touched upon in a previous article that I wrote after taking my son to the library. I won’t go through the whole thing here, but the main aim of the piece was to show that kids see things from different perspectives. They approach the world in a different way, and their memories are forged differently.

It really got me thinking, what else can we learn from our kids? What other lessons are they secretly teaching us without us knowing? Imagine you’re sat down with your small child now, and you’re watching them go about their day. Watch them play, watch them interact, listen to what they do. It’s remarkable. They do so many little things that we don’t do, and the things they say are sometimes more intelligent and thought provoking than we expect!

By just observing my own children and chatting with other moms, I quickly picked up on a few vital life lessons that our kids are secretly teaching us:

1. It’s Important To Be Positive

Have you ever come across a child that isn’t positive? It’s incredibly rare, and this is all down to the innocence of youth. Your child knows nothing about what’s going on in the world, and that’s what makes them so positive. They see life as one big adventure — every day is just the start of something new for them. We see the world through extremely dark lenses. It’s like adults walk around with a constant rain cloud above their heads, while kids are out enjoying the sunshine.

You’ll also notice that kids are constantly full of happy energy. When was the last time you got so excited and full of positive energy that you were jumping up and down? It rarely happens. Next time, join in!

2. Sometimes We All Need A Crutch

Kids have many crutches – things that they cling to for support. I’m speaking more metaphorically than literally here. Your kids may need their milk warmed up to help them sleep every night, they might need cuddly toys to cling to when they’re sad, they may need a special song sung to them to calm them down. There are so many little things a child calls upon to help them work through their emotions.

As adults, we’re always taught to throw crutches away and try to face things head on. But, sometimes we all need a crutch. Our kids are proof that we can use little things to comfort us and help us get through certain situations. If you have a bad day and need a big tub of ice cream to provide some temporary support and help cheer you up, then go for it! It’s not an everyday thing, so give yourself grace!

3. Everyone Is Equal

Perhaps the biggest and best lesson our kids teach us is that everyone is equal. We’ve all been put on this planet together as human beings. Regardless of our ethnicity, gender, whatever, we’re all the same.

Your child will never discriminate against anyone based on the way they look or what they believe in. Why? Because all they see is another person staring back at them. They don’t know anything about race or religion, so it’s irrelevant to them. This is something we should all think about in our daily lives. Start being more like your child and looking past people’s differences and see their souls.

Tell me in the comments what your kids have taught YOU!


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