While being a mom is one of the most wonderful things in the world, I am conscious of the fact that I don’t take care of myself and balance motherhood as well as I should. One thing that I consider difficult since becoming a mama is learning proper self-care. I began to wonder if there was any time to be a mom while looking after myself at the same time.

Many moms make their children the priority in spite of their own well-being.The late night feeds with our newborns or early mornings with our toddlers or school age kiddos have an effect on our health, and we reach for the coffee and sugar to keep ourselves functioning. So what can moms do to give ourselves the morale boost we need during every exhausting day?

1. Exercise

Exercising is a great mood booster, and the endorphins give you that much needed “feel good” feeling! Look, I know that it seems like a lot of effort to go to a class for an hour, especially when there is so much housework to be done, but you deserve time for yourself as well. Even if you’re pregnant, don’t forget there are lots of pregnancy exercise classes out there. As a pregnant woman, don’t compare yourself to all the fit women who surround you.  Feel good, warrior mama, as you exercise the body that is giving life to your child! Feel confident as you prepare to take care of your body’s health.

2. Eat Healthy

Even something as simple as food is a thing that makes me feel good about myself, and I’m not referring to a big tub of ice cream! Ice cream certainly makes me happy while I eat it but not so much afterward. A great meal that is healthy can be hard to come by. Find the types of food that give you the burst of energy you desire. One of my favorite go-to meals is baked salmon! The healthy fats help improve your energy! It’s one of the few meals I can cook successfully as a busy mom. You can just get some fish, place it in foil with some vegetables, and leave it to cook on a medium heat in the oven. After 30 minutes in the oven, plate it up, eat, and feel great during and after you eat.

Here are more tips for those of you who may struggle in the kitchen like I do!

3. Make time to serve yourself.

The final thing to help feel great about your image again is simply to have a bit of time to yourself –without doing anything for anyone else. It’s difficult, I know. But we all need to have some time to really get some perspective on our lives because we’re so busy all the time. I’m not saying to neglect your children, but find ways to make sure their needs are met while you take a few minutes to meet your own! Maybe this is having your spouse be in charge one night a week or waking up before the chaos begins and starting your day with some journaling and a hot cup of tea. Think about ways that you can care for yourself and schedule those things throughout your week.

We need to look after ourselves. Our well-being should never take a back seat. We can only continue to serve our children well if we remember ourselves in the process.

Tell us in the comments how you take care of yourself so you can feel like the best version of YOU!


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