There’s no single study that finds one method of parenting better than another, but there are some scientifically-backed ways that you can make parenthood just a little bit less stressful. Check out the tips below to revamp your parenting style, while you’re knocking down the cobwebs and reorganizing the toy bin.

Make room for yourself
As you’re cleaning out your activity calendar and planning the months ahead, you must pencil in some all-important me-time. Experts agree that self-care has major benefits to parenting. Not only does taking time out for yourself help reduce stress, but it also helps with separation and the ability for both you and your kids to find your own identities outside of the parent/ child relationship. Additionally, self-care teaches important lessons to kids about their own self-worth as they grow into adults.

Rethink your exercise routine
Between changing diapers twenty times a day and chauffering kids to all of their activities, just the idea of stepping foot on a treadmill can seem downright exhausting. Studies have shown, however, that getting exercise can actually give you more energy and fight fatigue. More energy means more bonding playtime with the kids. Seeing you exercise also sets a great example for your kids to get moving themselves. Make it a family affair with at-home workouts and fitness activities you can do together.

Embrace boredom
Going back to that calendar planning, if you’re finding that it’s just too overloaded, it might be time to let go of a few things and give your kids (and yourself) a little time to do absolutely nothing. Yes, you might face the dreaded “I’m bored,” but research has shown that boredom has many benefits. From developing problem solving skills to fostering imagination, a little time without pre-planned entertainment can be a good thing sometimes.

Have you applied any of these tips to your own life? Share the results in the comments.