You measure your room. You head out to the furniture store. Or maybe you go online to order a few new pieces. You pick out a couch, a few tables and a floor lamp that you totally don’t need. And then everything shows up on your doorstep. Perfect. Oops. It doesn’t fit. Beyond that, what does fit kind of sucks. It just doesn’t look right. Well, IKEA has an app for that.

photo: IKEA

IKEA Place, a new augmented reality app, comes out in late-September. So what does this AR app do? To start with it lets you accurately design your room. Oh, and you can totally see what the finished product looks like — in 3D and to your room’s scale. Whoa!

Now you don’t have to guess, hope and cross your fingers when you redesign your space. IKEA’s app seriously takes the guesswork out of buying furniture.

Beyond seeing a realistic view of what your new room will look like, the app lets users capture the view as photos or a video and share them with friends or family.

photo: IKEA

You can also buy most of what you use in your designs. Right now the app includes more than 2,000 IKEA products. These include larger items, such as sofas, armchairs and coffee tables.

Sorry Android users, this app will only be available in the Apple store. And, if you do have an iPhone, you’ll need iOS 11 to use it.

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