Practice make perfect, right? Then it only makes sense that these incredible kid athletes are poised to be the best in the game. Many of these pint-sized phenoms started training not long after they could walk, and it shows from their skills! From a pair of skateboarding siblings to the world’s strongest girl, these kids are truly inspiring!

An 11-year-old Basketball Phenom
Jaden Newman plays for Downey Christian High School’s varsity basketball team in Orlando, Florida. The 11-year-old is the star player, even though her teammates range in age from 15 to 18 years olds. The craziest part? She’s been on the team since she was 9!

A Pair of Rad Skateboarding Siblings
At ages 6 and 3, Sky and Ocean’s glee is contagious and their skills on the half pipe will blow your mind.

The World’s Strongest Girl
This ten-year-old weighs just 99 pounds but can lift more than twice her weight. Naomi Kutin has broken power lifting records set by the strongest adults in the world. And the best part? She’s sweet, smart and loves mom and dad.

The 10-Year-Old Torpedo
Jaeddan Gamilla already holds eight state swimming records for his age group and is ranked second in the nation. Rival swim clubs even have nicknames for him: Little Man. Torpedo. The Rocket. “My goal is to make it to the Olympics, at least,” Jaeddan told his hometown paper, The Daily Herald. “I’m going to work hard for it.” He started swimming at age four.


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–Erin Feher