Every mom has this seemingly idle time when she breast or bottle feeds her child. This time need not be squandered by surfing your phone aimlessly. Instead here are four productive things you could do while you feed your baby.

1. Catch up on your reading.

Always keep some books that you have been wanting to read handy. Feeding time is an excellent slot to catch up on your reading. When you read, you lose yourself in the book and your mind automatically relaxes. When you do not have enough light to read a paperback, feast on your Kindle books. These days even smartphones have the Kindle app. Thank God for technology!

2. Plan ahead.

Have a notebook and a pen at your disposal in the feeding room. You can use the time to plan out the rest of the week, things to do with your baby, meals to prepare, list the groceries to buy, look up activities to engage your older kids with when you spend time with the baby or look up on your smartphone activities to enjoy with your baby that help in his development.

There are many things that run on a mom’s mind. Note them down and get everything organized. If you cannot use a notebook and pen, you can always use a notes app on your smartphone. Planning helps ease our minds, makes a mom’s life a little less stressful and keeps things moving!

3. Play a game.

Yes, you read it right. Play a game, a mind game. This game is memory-based and you need to recall every minute up until that very moment from the moment you woke up. This increases your consciousness and gives you a clarity on how your time is spent. Also, your memory gets practical training and helps you retain more things. Just after a few days of practicing this recall game and you might stop being forgetful. (Although mommy brain is definitely a real thing, too.)

4. Savor the closeness.

After all, breast or bottle feeding is just a tiny phase in our child’s life when we get to hold them close to our hearts. We will not get a chance as beautiful as this to cuddle them and enjoy their pure love. Bonding for a lifetime happens at this time!

Featured Photo Courtesy: Dave Clubb/Unsplash