The winter holidays often come with an extended winter break from school. It’s a great time for kids to relax and recharge, but it’s also important to keep their minds sharp so they don’t skip a beat when getting back to the school routine. Here are a few ways parents can encourage kids to keep their minds active while still enjoying the winter break:

  • Explore nature. The environment is always changing, and winter is no exception. People in colder climates are often stuck inside over the winter break, but it’s a great time to break out the hat and gloves and explore the winter landscape. You can open a scientific discussion by encouraging your child to ask questions about the differences they see in the environment, such as “Why are the trees bare?” and “How do the animals stay warm?”
  • Visit a local library, historical site, museum or planetarium. All of these locations get kids out of the house and using their brain. Let your child go beyond typical school subjects and select a library book about a new subject that interests them. Museums and planetariums offer lots of fun exhibits that can spur new interests. Or visit a historical site to show your child the importance of past events right in their own community.
  • Use technology to facilitate learning. Many children have access to a computer, tablet or phone. Winter break is a great time to put those devices to use and add some learning apps. When seeking new learning apps, look for subjects your child would enjoy, or browse the selection with them so they can pick out something that piques their interest.
  • Keep a journal. Encourage your child to document their winter break. Let them take photos, draw pictures, save mementos and write down their favorite happy moments. It will help them reflect on their activities, practice their handwriting and work on their composition without even realizing it!

By infusing everyday activities with fun learning moments, your child will have time to decompress and be ready to tackle the rest of the school year with a fresh mind.

Featured Photo Courtesy: Klimkin/Pixabay