Some women imagine having a boy and think dirty, super active, and the little boy having a better bond with Dad. Well, I’m here to prove that thought wrong. While little boys are indeed little boys they bring far more than these characteristics. My little boy has taught me to be a mother and in doing so, to care for myself. Not to mention, the incredible bond that has been made that has forever changed my life. Here are my 4 ways that being a boymom has taught me to care for myself.

1. Getting dirty is okay – Words I never thought I’d say. I’m a bit OCD when it comes to having things cleaned. Having a little boy pretty much throws this out the window. No matter the day, no matter where we are my son always finds a way to get dirty. What I’ve learned after letting go is that getting messy makes memories. By forgetting about getting dirty you can be carefree and enjoy the moment. I suggest planning a messy activity and do it with your children. That feeling of watching their faces light up is so rejuvenating.

2. Mother-in-laws are experts – Once you have a little boy you learn that your mother-in-law is the best expert. She’s the mother of the love of your life. She’s raised a boy who turned into the man of your dreams. If you think she’s being crazy or irrational…guess what? That’s totally going to be you when your little boy grows up. I’ve learned to appreciate and value the bond that my husband has with his mom and use it to create the bond with my son. Listen to the stories your mother-in-law tells and laugh with her about the struggles of raising a boy.

3. You’re the first women he loves – So very true. His little heart just loves you and you know you would do anything in the world to keep him safe and happy. I’ve learned that in doing so, you have to truly care for yourself. If you don’t take the time for yourself, he can see it. Little boys are extremely smart. He notices you unhappy and it shapes how he will view his future loves. Sometimes just 15 minutes to shower or meditate can influence your whole day with him. So do it!

Cheers to little boys and learning from being a boymom.


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