Easter is just around the corner, and while parents are typically planning Easter egg hunts, family gatherings and other festivities surrounding the holiday, the sudden rise of Coronavirus has families across the nation altering their Easter plans and traditions this year. Celebrating a holiday during a pandemic is something that most have never experienced before, and as parents, how can we make sure Easter is fun and memorable for our children aside from the threats of COVID-19?

Despite the unforeseen circumstances, Easter 2020 can still be an exciting and memorable holiday for kids. With a few unique and creative twists on age-old Easter traditions, parents can turn this holiday into an exciting learning experience. Below are a few ideas for parents to make this holiday fun and educational for their children who are stuck in quarantine.

Get Crafty

Crafting is a fun way to spend some extra time with your children during the holidays, as well as a fantastic way to keep them busy and entertained. Websites and blogs like Yowie World are providing fun Easter craft ideas that will have inspired you to make something adorable with your little ones this year. For example, Easter-themed origami and Easter animal egg holders are simple crafts with directions, using things you most likely already have around the house.

Put an Educational Twist on Easter Baskets

As parents, we love to make learning fun. This year try creating a DIY, themed Easter basket filled with learning tools that help educate your children about a specific topic. For example, you can teach your kids about the wonders of the natural world by purchasing a reusable basket and filling it with educational books about nature, such as National Geographic for Kids, a DIY terrarium kit, animal puzzles and printable activity books. The best part about a themed gift basket is that they provide opportunities to bond and connect with your children, all while providing a fun and educational experience.

Throw an At-Home Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt

Get your children thinking with a unique take on the traditional Easter egg hunt. Instead of planting eggs in random places for kids to find, strategically place the eggs throughout the yard or home in a scavenger hunt st‌yle, with clues on where to find the next egg, ultimately leading to a prize, such as an Easter basket or assortment of treats.

Research Easter Traditions across the World

Do a quick internet search on Easter traditions across the globe and find one to replicate. For example, decorate your own Easter bonnet for a mini-parade, as practiced in Australia and the United Kingdom. Or, try making an enormous Easter omelet like the residents of Haux, France. Flying a kite is also a fun tradition in Bermuda to celebrate the Easter holiday.

Even though Easter gatherings with family and friends may be limited this year and schools are shut down to avoid the spread of Coronavirus, there are always ways to keep your children happy and engaged in learning during these uncertain times. With a little creativity and the ideas mentioned above, this Easter will be a unique and wonderful experience that your kids will remember for years to come.