19Wondering how to make Earth Day matter to your children? Talk toys! San Francisco-based company Green Toys makes classic kid toys like sand bucket and shovel sets, tea sets, toolboxes, even recycling trucks without the guilt associated with traditional plastic toys: all their toys are made in California from 100%-recycled plastic milk jugs. Once you chuck your jug, they’ve figured out how to turn it into the high-density plastic (HDPE) that’s the safest to use for making toys. And besides no new petroleum-based plastics (or their waste byproducts) being produced, less energy is used than toys that are made abroad and shipped back to the States.

Green Toys also meet our state’s strict safety and environmental regulations and the packaging is made from recycled cardboard boxes, making the whole shebang a perfect lesson in recycling and lowering greenhouse gas emissions that kids will pay attention to. The toys have taken off, winning accolades from Parenting magazine and others, they’re widely available for order on the internet, and can be picked up locally at Berkeley’s O! Babybaby, San Francisco’s Jeffrey’s Toys, and Noodle Soup in Corte Madera, among many, many others.

Green Toys