Where do you dream of taking your family? On an African safari? For an adventure at Disney World? Or a trip to see Santa in Lapland? Some families go a step further and take time out from work and school to travel the world for months at a time, showing their kids different cultures and opening their eyes in ways they could only have imagined.

Everyone remembers that special family trip from their childhood and wants to recreate those wonderful memories for their own kids. Whatever your family travel dreams, they could be closer than you think. Even if your day job doesn’t allow you to save hundreds each month, there are other ways to boost your savings. Here are a TK ways you can earn money for travels with your family.

Sell Your Stuff

Kids’ toys getting dusty in the garage? A heap of clothes you never wear sitting in the wardrobe? Piles of books you’re yet to read on the bookshelf? Get online and sell the things you no longer need. Sites like eBay and Gumtree can help you find willing buyers who will give your old junk a loving new home. And you’ll get to declutter your home in the process too.

Rent Out a Room

If you have space at home, take in a lodger or renter. It’s a sure fire way to earn lots of extra cash each month. It’s possible to find lodgers who just want a weekday residence meaning you can have your home to yourselves over the weekend. Or log on to Airbnb and rent your room as a holiday let. You’re likely to get a better rate and have more control over your bookings too.

Start Trading

Once upon a time, you needed to face the tumult and chaos of the local stock exchange to trade on the stock market or the foreign exchange. Not anymore. Now you can trade online, at home and in your spare time. With a little trading knowledge from Learn To Trade and a small investment, you can learn the tricks of the markets and soon be making the extra cash you need.

Get Driving

If you have your own set of wheels, there are a number of money-making schemes open to you. You could become a courier, a delivery driver, or even a taxi, Uber or Lyft driver. In these days of the sharing economy, there are lots of websites where you can advertise your services and find customers. You’ll need to register and may have to provide some documentation. But once you’re good to go, you’ll have a new avenue of income that can work around your existing routine.

Save Slowly

If you have the patience to wait for your big trip abroad, saving slowly is an excellent option. You don’t have to work any harder or do anything differently. Just set up a holiday savings account and put in a little money each week. You could get the kids on board too, contributing a bit of cash from their paper round or forgoing takeaway night so the holiday fund can grow. If you and your partner saved just $10 a week over five years, you could have over $5000 to play with.

It’s never been easier to work a side gig and boost your income. And, if extra work won’t fit into your week, cut back on the non-essentials and save up. Taking your family on the trip of a lifetime won’t come cheap. But every time you save some money or earn a little extra cash, you’re bringing your family holiday one step closer.

Featured Photo Courtesy: Bonnie Henderson via Pixabay