Celebrate the glorious Creamsicle with all of the sweetness, but none of the sugar. We found ways to replicate this tangy vanilla dessert through crafts like LEGO play, or scents like creamsicle-scented soap. Check out the five ways you can get your orange and white on today!


photo: Eat Drink Chic

Find the Creamsicle
Part craft, part game, get your downloadable popsicle printable from Eat Drink Chic. Her game is a memory match-up that all kids will love to play no matter the day, but if Creamsicles are on your mind, then change their goal: Find the Creamsicle! Click here to visit Eat Drink Chic for the popsicle file.


© Eric Constantino – Reproduced from Beautiful LEGO, with the permission of No Starch Press. © 2013 by Mike Doyle

Creamsicle Lego
Legos and desserts! This delicate creation by Mike Doyle (featured in the book Beautiful LEGO) is a quick project that you can get your builders to replicate. How big or small will your blocky Creamsicle be? Pst – got an animal lover? Be sure to keep an eye out for Doyle’s new book Beautiful LEGO: Wild!

orange creamsicle dough

photo: Growing a Jeweled Rose

Creamsicle Sensory Doughs
Here’s an instance of play with your food that we’re 100% on board with. This sensory dough craft by Crystal of craft and activity blog Growing a Jeweled Rose smells just like that fabulous dessert and can be made dye-free! Thrown in some sugar cones, cotton balls and ice cream scoopers and your little ones will be opening up their own ice cream shop for the afternoon!

orange cream

photo: Elle Sees

Creamsicle Nails
For your budding fashionistas, opt for a classy treatment of orange and white. Like an upside-down manicure, this tutorial by beauty blog Elle Sees is so bright and colorful, you’ll be showing off those nails 24/7. For kid-friendly polish, check out ella+mila on Amazon here.


photo: Candle Tech

Creamsicle Soaps
Have a little more time on your hands today? Pick up some soap bases from the craft store for this scented craft. It’s a more suitable for older kiddos or tots who are known for their patience and coordination. The results are not only picture worthy, but possibly amazing enough to convince the most stubborn kiddo into loving bath time. Get the tutorial here.

Have any fantastic ways to replicate Creamsicles? Share them with us in the Comments below!

— Christal Yuen