From the Flinstones to Friends,  from The Big Bang Theory to Suits, from Yo Gabba Gabba to Paw Patrol, every great story comes down to friendship. Our own stories are very much the same – what would it look like without our friends? I’m thinking a lot of dead air time.

Even the quietest, most anti-social of us still need at least one good friend in our lives, human or not, who will love us, support us, make us laugh or sit by us as we cry. We all need someone. Grey’s Anatomy‘s best contribution to society might have been in establishing the term – “you’re my person.” I have become an avid user of that term (thanks Shonda Rhimes).

Here is my list of the 5 friends I believe all need in our lives. At different times of my life, each one of these have been “my person”… but throughout my life, no matter what stage I was in, all of these friend types have been priceless and the key to the fondest story plot lines of my life.

1.The Believer

“I love you.”

What an amazing person to have in your life! Someone who believes you really CAN do anything.

This is the friend who tells you you are capable of making all your dreams come true, the person who picks you up when you’ve been knocked down and tells you there is always a golden ring around a grey cloud. They make you remember your greatness, they make you believe in your destiny. The Believer is always full of hope and encouragement. Without this friend, I would not be writing today. Do you have a believer in your circle? Tag them in this post and give them a shout-out of gratitude!

2. The Fighter

“I got you. You, me against all the rest.”

These friends are usually easy to spot. They have a fire in their eyes that even when they are being silent, you know they are a force. You can feel the energy coming off of these friends. These are the friends that attach to people in the most loyal ways, and once they’ve selected you as one of their tribe, they will fight to defend you from any attack. These friends are a blessing of a whole other kind, because the fighters will protect you when others back down in fear or under social pressure. Mean girls trying to ruin your rep? Well hello Fighter friend to knock down those rumours and kick some butt. Thank you to all the Fighters in my life, without you I might have withered away in the little box others have tried to build around me. I love you guys for having my back even when I have no idea a knife is heading for it. If you are reading this article and want to thank the Fighter buddy in your circle – tag them and show them some love!

3. The Realist 

Thank goodness for this friend! If not for this friend, we would all get screwed. This is the person that after the ‘believer’ friend tells you  you can absolutely quite your full-time job as an accountant to go surfing for 6 months in Australia and skiing for 3 months in Canada and then take a few months off for some self-reflection while making money as a bartender… is a piece of crap. That most people can’t live like that forever. That ‘that’ stuff is for movies or people without kids or people – not you. The realist is the friend who can kind of come off as a bummer. But this is also the friend that helps us from making big mistakes. They are often times just as uplifting as the believer, but usually comes with a dash more logical encouragement. The Realist keeps us real. They will listen to our dreams or worries, but will look at the situation in an analytical way and try to offer practical guidance. So with all those dreams of traveling, they will come up with some ways to find a balance so you don’t end up couch surfing in your 30s. Thank you to the Realists in my midst! 

4. The Inspiration

Awe, this is the friend that makes life seem purely awesome. Someone who seems to have it all, they walk in happiness and light and they make you want to do the same. This is the friend that seems to just have all that good stuff figured out, brimming with confidence, this is the person we look up to for inspiration of what we want to achieve as well. This friend reminds us to love every minute, to not worry about every bump in the road because if you travel in faith and good spirit, things will just work out. This is the friend we all wish we can be a bit more like. We don’t always tell that person how much we admire them or how awesome we think they are in their being, but silently, in a non-jealous-non-ugly way, we wish to be like them. They are an inspiration for us on how to have faith, how to just be happy, how to smile and laugh and love. Do you have this friend in your circle who may not realize this is how you seem them? Why not tell them today? Tag them or send them a message. Let them know how amazing you think they are!

5. The Wild One

Oh boy, I saved this one for last! The Wild One! This is the person that makes every moment a roller coaster ride of fun. These friends are the life of the party, they turn up the volume and light up the room. They make you push your boundaries and often scare the

“There she goes again…”

crap out of you. But without them, life would be utterly boring. These are the friends you see on an invite list to a coffee date and you get excited – even for a mom’s coffee date – because you know anything can happen – even at a mom’s coffee date. The Wild Ones make things happen, they make conversations take off and explode. They will get the biggest belly laughs going and will make you take photos you later somewhat regret..but not really, because it was a lot of fun and something you never would have done without them. Toast to The Wild Ones… thank you for being in my otherwise quiet life!

Did this list get you thinking about your friends?

From childhood buddies to the ones we meet in University to the ones we have in our work places and moms groups. Have you told your friends lately how much you appreciate them? How much you need them and count on them?

We don’t often do this, we tend to assume they all just know. Don’t assume. Write a letter, or make a phone call or send a text or just tag someone in this article if you wish, but let your amazing people know that they are priceless to you. You might just make someone’s day by letting them know they are the person you believe to be in any one of these roles. So do that – make someone’s day. 

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