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After a very traumatic birth experience with my first son, I was determined to do whatever I could to make my second son’s birth positive and joy-filled. Here are 5 items I brought to my second birth that completely transformed labor and delivery!


There is nothing worse than being in pain and having no distractions from it. Many hospital beds don't have easy access to electrical plugs, which means charging your phone across the room. This 6 foot phone charger is a game changer!

Extra Long Phone Charger

When you desperately need to play Candy Crush & ignore your pain



After laying in bed for 24 hours during my first labor, I cried not from contractions, but from the discomfort of the hospital bed! This pillow gives you a lot of support to change positions. This will also be very helpful during breastfeeding when you're sitting up in bed in the middle of the night!

Structured Supportive Pillow

Hospital beds are the worst. Make them better.



During the hardest parts of labor (and even during morning sickness), I put peppermint oil on cotton balls and slowly breathed it in. Peppermint helps with nausea, but it's also a strong enough smell to distract you from contraction pain. The brand is important- make sure it's a legitimate company that doesn't put synthetic fillers into their bottles.

Peppermint Essential Oil

Fight pain and nausea naturally



We created a special labor playlist so we would always connect certain songs with our son's birth. This portable speaker helps not only with labor music, but with party music to help pass the time!

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Connect your favorite songs to your favorite memories



Stylish Robe for Unexpected Visitors

For your braless, milk-stained moments

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Postpartum is messy for a while. Feel put-together, unexposed, and ready for any unexpected visitors with a cute robe! This link has lots of cute patterns and colors for any style.