You make it a point to encourage your kids to reach for their dreams. Get a little help from the new FOX series, Pitch premiering Thursday September 22nd at 9/8c on FOX. This new series follows Ginny Baker as she becomes the first female pitcher in MLB.

We recently spoke to five parents around the web who detailed their take on FOX’s new drama. Read on to hear from these parents and why they think Pitch will inspire your own kids to follow their hopes and dreams.


1. You Now Have a New Female Role Model
We can probably count on one hand the number of female women of color role models who we’d love our kids to idolize. Good news: this new show adds one more to the pack. Ginny is strong and determined. Click here to read one mom’s take on how this young female athlete protagonist is reason enough to tune into Pitch. 


2. It’s All About Believing in Your Kids
If there’s one golden rule of parenting you aspire to fulfill daily it’s to always believe in your kids. According to one mom we spoke to, Pitch exemplifies this and will inspire you to say, “yes you can”, no matter what your child’s dreams are. Read more from this mom and how the new show inspires her to be a better mother.


3. Let’s Break Some Gender Stereotypes
Gone are the days barbies are for girls and trucks are for boys. One dad we spoke to wrote that he would never tell his boys what to play with if it’s not geared towards their gender. Find out more about this dad’s take on Pitch and how it relates to his approach to parenting.


4. Not Just About Sports
Sure, the show follows a rising female athlete, but if sports really isn’t your jam, you’ll still find Pitch inspiring and relatable. In fact, one mom thinks Ginny represents all parents who step up to the mound of parenthood. Hear more from her by clicking here.


5. You’ll Relate to Ginny as a Mom
Now that you’re a parent, your mom goggles are on 24/7. According to one mom, Pitch and the challenges Ginny faces are incredibly relatable to some of the hurdles mothers face daily. Read on to find out how your life as a mom isn’t so far off from Pitch‘s protagonist.

Curious about this new show? Watch the trailer below:

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What are your kids dreams? What do they want to be when they grow up? Will you tune in to this new show with your family? Leave us a comment below!