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We are always on the go during the Summer. The one thing that happens more often than I would like to admit is someone gets hangry. Here are my go-to tips to avoid the hangries and keep the entire family full of energy and happy while you are out having fun this summer.

1. Meal Plan

I feel like we think about food all of the time, but as a mom of three, it helps a ton to have a meal plan. Just a simple idea about what we are eating for each meal. A simple meal plan helps me stay prepared and fight off the hangries when it comes to the entire family. It is like your secret battle plan for winning this whole Mom thing. Knowing is half the battle. Have you seen a pack of hangry kids during the summer? NOT a pretty thing.

2. Wholesome Snacks

When meal and snack time roll around reach for a snack that will help you stay fuller longer and help fuel your day with the energy you need without the hangry crash. Some great options are Jif® Peanut Butter, nuts, hummus dip and veggies, yogurt, and these new Jif® Power Ups, Jif’s new line of chewy granola bars and creamy granola clusters.

Both Jif® Power Ups™ Granola Bars & Jif® Power Ups™ Creamy Clusters have absolutely no corn syrup and a balance of 5g of protein, 2g of fiber, good fats and most importantly, peanuts are #1 ingredient. Jif® Power Ups™ are wholesome, balanced snacks that will help keep kids energized throughout the day. The best part is I don’t need to feel guilty if I steal a pack or two.

3. Pack Snacks

I look like I am moving out every time we leave the house. Can any other moms relate?

Pack Snacks!!!

Pack Snacks!!!

Pack Snacks!!!

It is so important to pack snacks and have some great options with you when you are leaving the house for the day. After a day out shopping, at the park, at the pool, or just exploring your town the hangries are bound to happen. Have you ever tried to buckle in a hangry toddler into a car seat? They really should come with an extra warning label for that.

When you pack a snack bag and fill it with great options like these Jif® Power Ups™ Chewy Granola Bars you can keep the hungry monsters at bay and happy until their next meal. Mix it up and have more than one flavor or choice, so your kids feel like they are in charge of their snack destiny.

Bonus! It also helps avoid those unexpected drive-through trips, or run into the convenience store for food. Those add up quick. So not only are you avoiding the hangries, you are saving money too. Look at you winning at life!

4. Hydrate

I know we are talking about being hangry and not about hydration but the two go hand and hand. Staying properly hydrated can help your metabolism work at its best. In turn, it helps you know when you are truly hungry. Keep a bottle of water (or two) around just in case. It is a great idea to stay super hydrated during the summer anyway. It is hot out there!

5. Educate Yourself

You may not always have a meal plan or remember to pack snacks, so educate yourself on the options that are available to you. Be aware of filling, healthy choices in your area or that your local stores offer.

While you may not be prepared with a snack bag, you can avoid the hangries by being educated about the choices that are around you and making the right decisions. It is effortless to run into a grocery store and grab a box of Jif® Power Ups™ Granola Bars and some fruit to avoid those hangries.

What are your tips for avoiding the hangries? Leave them in the comments below


Jif® Power Ups™ sponsored These 5 Simple Tips to Avoid the Hangries. I avoided the hangries while writing it by snacking on some Jif® Power Ups™ Creamy Clusters. All opinions are 100% my own.


Amanda Carlisle is a mom of 3 who loves to direct others on life’s happy adventures through food, crafts, and family fun on her blog