Making the transition from milk to solids is eventful and, at times, nostalgic. The little baby that you’ve been steering into a brand new world suddenly becomes a little human with likes, dislikes, and strong opinions. You miss the newborn baby smell because along the way it’s been swapped for…other smells, more “this is a little kid in the making” smells.

When you start feeding your little one new foods, the smells are definitely one of the bigger changes to adapt to, but so is the increased challenge to you being the one leading. Now, they lead. They sometimes scream. They don’t want, until all they do, is want. This is true whether you’re feeding them avocado for the first time or our Broccoli Ever After. We know it’s hard and we know that repetition is key, but here’s a list of things you may not have thought to expect when you were expecting.

1. They may not like it right away. We talk about this reality often on Fresh Bellies. I mean, how amazing would it be if your little one just took to golden beets instantly? Amiright. Most of the time though, that’s not the case. Experts recommend trying new foods at least an average of 10 times before deciding whether your little one actually likes it and it’s because your little one may not even know if they like it before the 11th try. This is an entirely new world to them and skepticism seems to be knee jerk no matter how old they may be.

2. Veggies come with an extra side of gas. Okay, we just have to say it—babies fart. When you give little one’s veggies? It results in healthy bowel movement and they may fart more. In most cases the baby farts aren’t a serious medical matter, they just take a bit of adjusting to because, well, your babies used to not be little humans with the smelliest of farts. In the long run, it’s an okay tradeoff because a baby that eats all the beets and green veggies is one with a healthy gut and has bigger chances of becoming an adventurous eater as an adult.

3. Their breath smells like…lunch. Add this to the list of things that are somewhat small, but still highly unexpected when you start feeding your kiddo more diverse foods. Your baby is going to have a strong breath after some meals. What an unexpected thing to make you feel like your little one is all grown up! And yet, after a serving of anything with garlic or onions, for example, there is no question that your little one’s breath will be reminding you of what they had for lunch.

4. Make it half and half (or a little less if it’s been a long day). It’s all about portions and all about presenting a new food without masking, but without spooking your kiddo either. Experts recommend pairing a food your little one already trusts with the new one you’re trying to introduce them to. It’ll help them feel like they’re not in completely foreign territory and therefore trust the new food a bit more.

5. It’s not you, it’s them! Parents, you’re awesome! Keep reminding yourself that your kids are a work in progress and learning to eat healthy takes time. Give your little one the space to surprise you. Venture to feed them all types of foods, even ones that aren’t your favorite. You might have hard feelings towards beets, but your little one may be obsessed.