photo: Target

As if Target wasn’t already a panacea of your shopping dilemmas, a utopia of deals and just about your fave place on the planet, the big red bullseye retailer wants to help make your experience even better. How is the mega-store making your shopping life easier? We’ve got the scoop on how you can get your Target run done in an oh-so-better way!

1. Need electronics? Well, Target wants to help you with that. At least their employees do. Target team members are certified in popular electronics categories, including gaming, connected living, TVs, tablets, cameras and audio. That means you won’t the need the know-how because Target’s there to help you.

2. Shopping for apparel and accessories? Target team members who specialize in style know all the latest trends and can match your needs/wants with what they have in stock. They’ll help you find exactly what fits, while giving you the low-down on the store’s hot products.

3. Do you need to beautify your routine? Target’s experts can answer all your questions about the latest, greatest products.

4. Are you cooking dinner later on? Target’s food and beverage experts can help you to find everything that will make your meal perfection. They’ll even give you tips on food pairing ideas that you might not have thought of before.

5. Who wants a speedy checkout? You do! Target wants to make your trip as convenient as possible. Along with the front of store help their pros provide, you have the option to get your online orders from the Order Pickup kiosk. But that’s not all. Soon you’ll be able to get your orders delivered to your car with Drive Up service.

What’s your favorite Target area to shop? Tell us in the comments below.