It’s election season, in full swing! With less than a week until decision 2016, it is everywhere you look and listen – radio, television and online. It’s a perfect opportunity to teach your children your love of country and discuss our country’s values. Obviously the two major candidates are not our ideal role models for our kids. I know I love America and am pretty sure you do, too. Independence Day is not the only time to show you love America, so show some love of God and country.

Here are five easy ways to role model love of country to your children:

Fly the flag – Show others your love of country by flying “Old Glory,” the good ole stars and stripes, the red, white and blue. Fly it from your porch, deck, mailbox or wear a flag patch. Be sure to teach your children proper rules of handling our American flag respectfully.

Read the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights – Discuss these documents with your children and try to live by the traditional tenets of personal freedoms, equality, hard work and individual accountability.

Share the best of our culture – participate in cultural exchange programs which share our culture with the rest of the world, like the Au Pair Program, Student Exchange Programs or International Service Projects. Teach your children understanding, tolerance and appreciation of the world’s cultures rather than an attitude of superiority.

Teach your children about American history and discuss current events – Did you know the basic American school curriculum teaches American government only in seventh grade? Given that politics and political news is everywhere we look, has been for months and will be for several more weeks, these are great opportunities for learning conversations. If you don’t know enough, learn with your kids.

Vote – Participate in your government! Did you know that participating in your local community and the democratic process (voting) is one of your responsibilities as a US citizen? It is. Teach your children to stay informed and respect the laws of our nation. Encourage them to form their own opinions and discuss them.

There are many more ways to show your love of our great nation, like buying American-made products, visiting national parks, picking up litter, donating to charity, volunteering at a veteran’s home or even running for election to a local office. Be an excellent role model to your kids and your community by showing your patriotism in as many ways as possible. God bless America!