There are millions of apps available for all sorts of things, making it difficult for us moms to find what we really need. I have probably downloaded hundreds of apps and a handful have really stood out to me as the best apps to make my life as a mom easier.

Remember The Milk

I don’t know about you, but my memory isn’t what it used to be and I have been looking for ways to help me remember what I needed to do. Creating paper lists or even lists on my phone was useless because I would forget to look at them!

The app Remember The Milk allows me to make multiple to-do lists, both daily and further ahead of time. Even better, it comes with alerts, so when my daughter has a babysitting job and needs to be picked from it or I have a writing deadline coming up, I am ready.


I used Yowza!! when it was just a coupon website. But now, if I am out and about, I can carry a variety of coupons with me on my phone. It uses the location of my phone to find coupons and deals which apply to my area, and I can have the coupons scanned directly from my phone. My teens also use this app to save when they go shopping at the mall with their friends.


I feel like I used to constantly nag my kids to do their chores and complain about my children to my husband about how they wouldn’t help out more. My kids became better as they grew up, but my teens are busier and can forget things like cleaning their room and picking up the dog’s poop.

The app Chorma is a chore app to help the whole family remember to pitch in with a little competition. You can create chores and assign reward points which can be earned by completing the chore. The points can be redeemed for rewards of your choosing. This app syncs between devices, so my competitive teens have been tracking who does what and completing more chores than usual, which is just delightful for me!


By the time the KidsEatFree app was created, my children were too old to benefit, as it usually only applies to children 12 and under. But plenty of my friends with younger children love this app. I saw the app in action when one of my friends and I were out to lunch and she had her 5-year-old with her. By using the KidsEatFree app, her son enjoyed his cheese enchiladas for free!


One of the few things that make my teens excited for school is their various team sports but it’s tough for me to keep track of all their meets, training times, changing practice venues, and team building activities. I tried out a few schedule sharing apps until I found TeamSnap.

This app is focused on tracking kids’ sporting events and lets me quickly see my kids’ practices and events schedule, calendar-share with my husband so we can coordinate who picks up the kids and make sure we go to all events; look at team rosters; and enable photo-sharing so I can send pics to other parents who couldn’t make the game.

I just started using TeamSnap during the spring of this year, so I’m sure there is more for me to discover.


When traveling to a wedding in Las Vegas, my family decided to make a small vacation out of the trip. I was a little concerned since I didn’t know where we could go which would be appropriate for my kids, so I downloaded Trekaroo.

It was a great choice. We went to the Marvel Avengers S.T.A.T.I.O.N., went to a themed mini golfing course, and a lot more. I don’t keep this app on my phone all the time, but when we have a trip coming up, I like to re-download it and plan out the trip.

I hope my experiences with these apps can help you find your new mom-friendly app to make your job easier.