1. Make sure your baby is full, clean, and happy.

-This step is very important. If your baby isn’t in the best mood, then she won’t be very cooperative during your time at the airport or in the air. During your waiting time in the airport lobby, ensure that your baby is full and has a clean diaper. Before boarding the plane, I take her to the baby room to make sure no surprises are waiting for me in her diaper.

2. Know the airline’s policies concerning babies.

-Knowing this information beforehand can help out greatly. Most airlines allow parents to bring a diaper bag filled with baby essentials, such as formula, bottles, wipes, and etc. However, there is normally a weight restriction for the diaper bag. Please stay under the limit or you might have to pay for more baggage allowance, which the prices are staggering these days. For example, $50 fee if you are over your baggage limit by one pound. (Ridiculous)

3. Manuvering around the airport…..to babywear or not?

-Whenever we take flights, we babywear. It has been more easier to manuver around the airport and airplane this way. Also by babywearing, you don’t have to wait in a long line to check your stroller. Even though, some airline companies are becoming more understanding and letting families check their strollers and other baby equipment at the gate.

4. Picking the perfect seat.

-This step is crucial if your baby intends on having a feeding the flight. If you are seated closer to the flight attendants, they tend to be more observant of you and your baby. Seating close to them ensures that you don’t have to wait long for your baby’s bottle to be warmed up. Also, seating close to the flight attendants typically ensures that you are close to a bathroom. Being close to a bathroom will come in handy when your baby decides to have an accident during the flight.

5. Minimize baby’s uncomfortable period during take-off and landing.

-During my baby’s first flight, I made sure she had her pacifier to soothe her. I know firsthand how uncomfortable ear popping can be. I am sure it would be double uncomfortable for a baby. Having something for your baby to suck on, such as a pacifier or a bottle can minimize the ear popping.

6. Keep baby entertained during the flight.

There are numerous ways to keep your baby entertained during the flight. You just have to make sure you find the right one for you. For your best bet, bring your baby’s favorite toy or item at the moment. My daughter loves to play with a butterfly that has mirrors and lights on it. It typically keeps her entertained until she falls asleep on the flight. My daughter is also entertained by the people sitting behind us as well.

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