Profitable home business ideas for moms abound in today’s market for both products and services. The internet and the technological age have made it possible to stay home with your children and to create a lucrative business at the same time. Business opportunities for stay-at-home moms give young mothers a way to provide income while nurturing their children. Mothers are some of the most organized people in the world. They have to be.

Sell Homemade Goods

First, consider selling at your local farmer’s market. Not only can you sell fresh produce, bread and other baked goods, candies or dairy products, you can also sell crafts and jewelry. Starting up a garden using square foot gardening methods can easily have you grow enough food to sell even if you live in an apartment with no yard. Supplement your garden with your family’s best recipe for cupcakes, or your penchant for making necklaces, and you could pull in some serious money each week. It’s a great way to get the kids involved in outside activities, and you can always get someone to watch the stand at the market for you.

Sell on eBay

One of the best business opportunities for stay-at-home moms is to sell products on eBay, whether handmade or purchased wholesale for resale. Depending on what you choose, this business may require an area in your home to store the products. Drop shipping is probably the best solution if you have no storage space. This method allows the entrepreneur to purchase the item from a third party after making the sale, then having it shipped directly to the customer without ever having to touch the item. Choose your drop shipper carefully to protect your customer. There are some unscrupulous people who seek to take advantage of novice sellers.

Start a Laundromat Business

Have you ever thought about starting a laundromat business? It may sound like a tough business to get into, but the truth is that it’s actually quite easy—and easy to manage remotely. Simply rent a space to put in machines, rent a coin machine and rent commercial laundry washing machines and dryers—better yet, use a green washing machine that could become your good selling point. Though it may cost a little bit of capital up front to start, don’t let that scare you away. With only a couple of employees, such as someone to watch the laundromat while it’s open, and a nightly trip for you to pick up the coins and deposit them into the bank, you could be running your own business from home in no time.

Start an In-Home Daycare

A well-organized plan can net you a nice income. You can take care of other children during the day while their parents are working, or you can only work a few days a week and market to those who work part-time. Depending on the age and temperament of the child(ren), you may need to separate them for sleep. If you have small children, sync the naptimes. While they nap, take care of snacks, organize play time or perform housekeeping duties. If you can, define an area that is separate from family common space so that you can separate, both physically and emotionally, the business from the family.

A home-based childcare business requires knowledge of insurance, zoning and licensing laws for your city and state. Research the demographics in your community before embarking on this idea. Mothers are in a prime position to know if there is a need. Run it as a business and not a neighborhood dropoff. Have regular business hours with extra charges for late pickups. (Tardy parents will soon get the message that your time is valuable.) Personality is a huge determining factor in this choice of business. Parents have to know their child is in a safe, nurturing environment. If they sense otherwise, they will not continue with your service.

Create a Niche YouTube Channel

If you are tech-savvy, create a niche YouTube channel focused on a single topic, such as vintage clothing, hair styling, gardening or simply talking about something of interest to your followers. Set up an area in the home where you can demonstrate what you are doing or display your wares. You must first sign up for a YouTube account through Google in order to upload videos, after which you will be given your own URL where you can tell about your business. Develop your audience by trying to captivate people with your content. Share it through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, podcasts or other social media. You can earn income through an Adsense account which puts ads before or in the midddle of your videos. The more views you generate, the more you earn. Each time someone clicks on an ad or views your content, you earn money.

To increase income potential, post your videos on other sites or on your blog to increase the possibility of being seen. This is not a get rich quick idea—it  may take some time to build up a large base, but good content draws subscribers. This idea is strictly for those who have the time and desire to consistently create riveting content or videos to keep your audience interested.

Become an Online Teacher

Whether you’re a certified teacher of core courses or have an area in which you are passionate, there is a place for you online. Online instructors for colleges and high schools are in demand, but if you just want to educate others about something you enjoy doing, offer to teach by demonstrating how to do it. Develop instructional materials and videos that can be downloaded. You may even want to teleconference with your class by setting up a schedule for all of your students to be online simultaneously. Face to face communication gives students a sense of assurance that they are dealing with an actual person and legitimizes the course in their eyes.

Starting a business is a great way for moms to contribute to their family. With the cost of childcare, it often makes financial sense for some moms to stay home with their children instead of going to back to work. There are many great ways to earn income from home without giving up too much of your time. Do your research and find something that works for you. From owning parking lots in big cities to writing online, there is truly something for every mom out there. As always, figure out what works best for your family.

Featured Photo Courtesy: JÉSHOOTS via Pexels