What happens when a six-year-old gets free reign to order their own Barbie doll on Amazon? Well, nothing good…that is, unless you’re the kiddo doing the ordering. When six-year-old Caitlin’s mom allowed her to order her own toy on Amazon, the result was pretty much exactly what you’d expect.

The little girl’s cousin, Ria Diyaolu, recently posted pics of Caitlin on Twitter. And what did the photos show? They certainly didn’t show Caitlin with one lone Barbie doll. Ohhhh no.

Instead the pics feature the many, many, many boxes and boxes of toys the little girl ordered on her own. Diyaolu tweeted a photo of the delivery van pulling up to Caitlin’s house—and unloading more than $300 worth of toys. Diyaolu told BuzzFeed News that she was “surprised” her six-year-old cousin actually knew how to use Amazon’s one-click ordering and next-day shipping.

Even though the super-smart little girl pretty much just lived out every child’s dream, she didn’t get to keep her bounty. Sadly (for her), Caitlin’s mom sent everything back—except for the Barbie doll. And while she escaped major punishment—she wasn’t grounded for her over-zealous shopping spree—she did have her internet privileges revoked for a month.

Here’s hoping they don’t have an Amazon Echo in the house anywhere…!

—Erica Loop

Featured Photo: Patricia Prudente via Unsplash



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