57Even little people have tough days. Didn’t make it to the potty on time. Or all the favorite crayons broke. Or missed a nap and feel just a tad crabby.
That’s when Mom’s gotta reach into the cupboard for the secret weapon: Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay, a 100 percent natural clay that combines aromatherapy with activity.

Unlike commercial-made play dough, Mama K’s is gluten-free and contains no preservatives, alcohol on synthetic perfumes. Created by mother of two Kari Erickson (a.k.a. Mama K), the colorful clay comes in six delicious scents, each of which has its own unique aromatherapy powers. Bergamot is for tension and Chamomile is for relaxing. Lavender soothes and Geranium balances. Sweet Orange uplifts and Lemongrass inspires. The clay is sold individually in 4 ounce tubs for $4, or in a 5-pack for $20.

Erickson came up with the idea while messing around in the kitchen with daughter Olimpia. She started with a generic play dough recipe and, just for fun, added essential oils for smell. Soon, she was giving the clay to friends as gifts, and a biz idea was born. Mama K’s motto is to “Squeeze, Mold and Knead Your Cares Away.” So, next time the Kiddo has a rough one, you’ll know: It’s a clay day.

Mama K’s Aromatic Play Clay