No matter how much you love the city sometimes you just feel the need to get up and go! There are plenty of opportunities to do so, surprisingly close to home. Hiking offers a fantastic getaway from the busy city, a chance to escape into nature and get some exercise while you’re at it. And you don’t need to leave the kids home — these 7 hiking spots are perfect for children of any age, and at under 2 hours from the city, they’re  well worth the trip.

Greenbelt Conservancy Parks

Sometimes we forget there is nature in our own backyard. If walking through Prospect and Central Park is not exciting enough, take a day trip to Staten Island's Greenbelt Conservancy parks. This foundation oversees 2800 acres of public park -- including 30 miles of hiking and walking trails -- and consists of High Rock, WIllowbrook, and LaTourette Parks.

The parks under this umbrella include High Rock, All three are hidden pockets of nature and offer hours of leisurely hiking trails through wooded areas, marshes, ponds, and other gorgeous landscapes. Both destinations are a perfect starter for the kids due to their location and the ease of the trails. They can wet their little hiking boots here (but not literally, of course) then move onto the more challenging or lengthier trips.

Location: Staten Island, NY
Difficulty: Easy
Drive from NYC: 35 mins
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Photo: John N. via Yelp