No matter how much you love the city sometimes you just feel the need to get up and go! There are plenty of opportunities to do so, surprisingly close to home. Hiking offers a fantastic getaway from the busy city, a chance to escape into nature and get some exercise while you’re at it. And you don’t need to leave the kids home — these 7 hiking spots are perfect for children of any age, and at under 2 hours from the city, they’re  well worth the trip.

Muttontown Preserve

The Muttontown Preserve trail is one of the easiest on our list, with winding but relatively flat trails through 550 acres of fields, woods, and ponds. The trails here are less like hikes and more like nature walks, allowing everyone to take in their surroundings without getting overtired -- perfect for little feet and beginners. The trails also take you through a number of estates, as well as the curious remains of the mansion of King Zod, the last Albanian monarch. It is now in ruins, and covered in some colorful graffitti, making for an interesting sight among the trees. The trails markers can leave something to be desired here, however, so come equipped with a map, a compass, and/or a GPS or you may end up spending a bit more time here than you meant to!

Location: East Norwich, NY
Difficulty: Very easy
Drive time from NYC: 50 minMore info:

Photo: Eva C via Yelp